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This starts a new series of posts on Messed Up Church! 

Right after interacting with persons on social media (largely Facebook and YouTube) it is come to be painfully clear that lots of the “Christians” who are generating comments are additional like cult-members than something else. When the undesirable doctrine of a false teacher is pointed out, these followers really feel compelled to step in to defend their revered leaders. Most of the time this becomes a demonstration of how poorly they’ve been taught, how Biblically illiterate they are, and how confident they are in their foolish pondering.

Let’s take a appear at how Benny Hinn’s followers react to a YouTube video of a short Television news segment exactly where Costi Hinn is interviewed. In this video, Costi gently refutes the “prosperity gospel” of his uncle, Benny Hinn. Right here are some comments against Costi you are going to notice that I lost my temper and decided to confront some of these persons, right after having so numerous horrible comments:


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