Temple visits Gopuradarisanam


This is a single of the richest heritage temple in Kanchipuram. Constructed by Pallavas and a single of the oldest temple in kanchipuram or shiva kanchi.

Lord Siva is in lingam kind and it is huge in size close to 10 feet. This temple is recognized for its richest architecture and at present below indian archaeological group.

Believed constructed by Pallavas in early 8th century, down the road aroudn 11th century when Cholas ruled complete south India , King Raja Raja Chola pay a visit to this spot and stunned by its architecture and named this temple as Kachipettu Periya Thirukatrali

To come about Shiva lingam in the major sanctum, a single has to go by means of a modest opening by knell or crawl, following which we can stroll straight and which coming out, once again we have to bend and crawl to come out

Legend behind this is to describe human cycle, we born , crawl, kneel and then stroll, once again throughout finish of the life we have a tendency to get bend, once again kneel crawl and in the end vanish. Notion is to make men and women fully grasp this

There is also saying that who goes by means of this will not have re-birth

Some of the photos that depicts the architecture of this temple which was began by Raja Narashima varma and completed by Mahendra vanrman

[ஸ்ரீ கிருஷ்ணார்ப்பணம் ]


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