Tech Tuesday: Project Hymn Music Working with Proclaim


No hymnals? No challenge.

In Faithlife Proclaim, you can show pages from hymnals on the major screen with just a handful of clicks. It is a excellent way to aid your church sing in components and carry on the tradition of hymnody.

Study the complete tutorial, or retain reading for a shorter version.

How to add paperless hymnals to Proclaim

  1. Obtain a choice of hymns at
  2. When you pick a hymn, it will automatically download as a PowerPoint file (ending .ppt), even if you do not personal PowerPoint.
  3. In Proclaim, select Media &gt Import Media &gt Song lyrics 
  4. Below Step two, select Import as images… 
  5. Obtain the slides in your computer’s Downloads folder. Appear for files ending .ppt. If you lately downloaded the files from Paperless Hymnal, they really should be close to the top rated of your Downloads folder.
  6. Pick the files you want to import and click Open.
  7. Adhere to the prompts in Proclaim, and the slides will be added to your library.

From there, the slides function as all other media does in the media browser.

Study the complete tutorial for additional screenshots and specifics.

Don’t yet have Faithlife Proclaim?

If you haven’t attempted Proclaim, now is a excellent time to start a free of charge trial (no credit card expected). For a month you and your complete church will get access to strong church presentation computer software, plus more than 16,000 pieces of church media.


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