Speculative Faith | Mission Report, April 11–13, Lorehaven at Teach Them Diligently in Waco


Once again our belief is confirmed accurate: numerous new fans for exceptional Christian-created fantastical novels are out there.

E. Stephen Burnett

Apr 16, 2019

Group Lorehaven has returned from the Teach Them Diligently homeschooling conference in Waco, Texas final weekend.

Our booth featured writer Marian Jacobs, inventive relations Lacy Rhiannon (my wife), and myself (publisher/editor).

We met dozens of households. Ordinarily we asked them, “Hi! Do you all like to study?”

Most people today mentioned, “Oh yes.” A handful of mentioned, “Yes, but do not have as considerably time as I’d like.”

I’d say possibly 70 % mentioned a thing like, “Yes, but my young children are reading like crazy. And far above their reading level. I cannot hold up!”

Then we shared our mission: Lorehaven finds truth in amazing stories.

  • Totally free to subscribe on the internet.
  • You get magazines each and every season.
  • Print copies are sold at unique events.
  • Every challenge has 12+ testimonials of new Christian fantasy.
  • Also: articles from trusted voices about biblical fiction discernment.
  • We give away totally free sources, such as bookmarks with guidelines to discern and discover stories.

Some parents politely nodded or mentioned merely, “Thank you,” ahead of moving on.

But for each and every one particular of these much less-interested people, 3 other parents or students promptly got our mission.

We shared favored stories. We asked parents what their children really like to study.

And we kept hearing people today say factors like, “I’m so glad you guys are undertaking this. There’s such a will need!”

Frankly, this encouraged my heart all more than once again. Till you get out there, and speak to actual people today, you never ever truly know if this complete “Christians asking one particular an additional for superior Christian-created fantastical stories” factor is just a strung-out world-wide-web fad.

But yes. Once again our belief is confirmed accurate: numerous new fans for exceptional Christian-created fantastical novels are out there.

They’re chasing biblical truth. They’re seriously investing in their children’s mastering. And they’re instruction their young children to read–not just to study the Bible, or biographies, or textbooks, but to study imaginative fantastical novels.

We talked to so numerous people today that I couldn’t take precise notes. And however . . .

Amazing Christian fans to try to remember

  • The lady with 3 young children (observed right here). They totally loved our fantasy creatures, and eagerly drew wonderful, imaginative photographs.
  • A young lady (age 20, I think) who’d grown up loving fantasy novels. Like Harry Potter. We signed her up for a subscription beneath the pseudonym “Mermaid Queen.” (Yes, you can also subscribe for totally free with a fictional name! We will not judge you.)
  • The lady who strode up to the booth and nearly promptly mentioned, “Oh yes! You are Lorehaven. Your magazine testimonials Christian fantasy and sci-fi novels.” She’d met us initially with Realm Makers Bookstore in Fort Worth, the earlier month. She hadn’t signed up then, but she did this time.
  • A man I’ll contact “D&ampD Dad” who asked if I’d ever played the RPG. Thanks to that one particular late-evening introduction at my wife’s family’s property final Thanksgiving, I could inform him yes! We had such a good conversation. Later he prayed for my wife’s and my personal future foster-parenting.
  • So numerous Lord of the Rings fans, and fluent in the finer points of Middle-earth’s origin and mythology.
  • The young couple who truly geeked out. And showed us photographs they’d taken of a huge Greatest Showman–themed homeschool prom in Dallas, exactly where they’d taken photographs.
  • The mother of six young children, which includes two teens, most of whom really like fantasy.
  • An additional mother of many fantasy-fan daughters! Their oldest girl signed up. Her pseudonym: “Magical Unicorn.”
  • For balance: The other substantial-loved ones mother who passed by and kindly replied, “Yes, we like to study. But primarily based on the way you are dressed, most likely not what you are supplying.” (Ha ha! Nicely, it is only a matter of time. Fantastical stories will ultimately appeal to the heart of at least one particular of your young children. Then the only query is: will you be ready?)
  • And, lastly, the mother who’d stopped by earlier but dashed up just as we had been packing up the booth. She subscribed! And got a totally free bookmark.

Subsequent stops: Cincinnati and Realm Makers 2019

As we develop the magazine, and possibly add new products such as books, we’ll be capable to pay a visit to far more areas.

Later this month, I’ll represent Lorehaven at Wonderful Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati. I’ll be there from Friday to Saturday, April 26–27, rejoining our pals with the Realm Makers Bookstore. (The occasion truly starts Thursday, April 25.) We’re featuring good books, all by Christian authors, in fantasy, sci-fi, and other fantastical genres.

In July, we’ll function Lorehaven once again at the annual Realm Makers conference, returning to St. Louis July 18–20.

Please pray for us. This remains a significant step. And it is a significant investment of time and sources for numerous of Speculative Faith’s creatives.

Of course, if you are an author or publisher wanting to share your story with new fans, promote with us.

Either way, know and rejoice: In an age of closing bookstores and inventive skeptics, Christian fantasy’s most effective days are happily ahead.

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