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My 24 year old son is autistic. I never know why. There are many doable causes, I comprehend genetic inheritance, lack of oxygen at birth (he was a frank breech delivery), or even an MMR injection, to name a couple of. Spiritually, we could be hunting at a generational curse, my sinfulness, or, as Jesus when reminded the disciples when they assumed a man’s blindness was due to sin, it could just be that Michael is autistic  – and his healing will be a testament to God’s operates. (Amen to that!):


1Now as Jesus was passing by, He saw a man blind from birth, 2and His disciples asked Him, “Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?” 3Jesus answered, “Neither this man nor his parents sinned, but this occurred so that the operates of God would be displayed in him.…(John 9:1-three)


Right after all, the lady with a 12-year concern of blood was cured immediately she touched Jesus’ garment, even though she had fruitlessly spent all her wages on physicians: 


And he mentioned unto her, Daughter, be of fantastic comfort: thy faith hath created thee entire go in peace. (Luke eight:48)


and similarly healed was a lady who had been bent double with a back concern, for 18 years:


 When Jesus saw her, he named her forward and mentioned to her, “Woman, you are set no cost from your infirmity.” (Luke 13:12)


So, my son could be immediately healed of the autism that has blighted his life because birth. The darkness of the depression and suicidal thoughts the anguish, grief and anxiousness that drove him to endanger his life so convincingly, that he was Sectioned in June 2017, and is nevertheless in a psychiatric hospital in April 2018, could be banished in an immediate.


God knows I have prayed for his freedom. Given that I became a Christian, 10 years ago, I have declared him no cost in Jesus’ name on an practically everyday basis I have bound and ordered into the abyss, all manner of demonic forces that could be stealing his life. I have named them exhaustively, I think, from ‘intellectual impairment’ to ‘depression’, ‘dyspraxia’ (he has this as well), ‘anxiety’, ‘anger’, ‘stress’, ‘fear’…on and on. Unless a single has to play a Rumplestiltskin guessing game with the demons that could bring about autism, low IQ, dyspraxia, violent aggression and despair, I reckon I and my Christian buddies have named them out.


I have had generational curse-breaking ministry at designated locations of healing and ministry on residential weekends I have attended healing and grace conferences I have prayed passionately and earnestly and faithfully with several, several Christian buddies and church leaders for Michael’s healing and release from the foul and debilitating grip of his autism and attendant retardent challenges. I have fasted (but not adequate, I worry fasting and functioning complete time in a stressful job is pretty tough I have to have to persevere with this a single.) I have completed battle with psychiatrists and social workers who have believed my son psychotic, when I knew he was not and in no way has been that I have fought to make them comprehend that he does not have to have the cripplingly potent dosages of anti-psychotic meds they have prescribed for him. I have rejoiced when, lastly, they listened and agreed. He is not psychotic. He is autistic and imitative of behaviours that get him the consideration he craves.


But I have also been humbled and chastened at how a mixture of medication prescribed by a psychiatrist, has lastly stabilised my son, and delivered him from the uncontrollable anger and anxiousness that have endangered himself and other individuals, and has permitted him to laugh once more and has enabled me to take him residence for days at a time, in the final couple of months.


Michael does not seriously know how to adore or be loved. He can’t make relationships or conduct himself appropriately in social circumstances. But he longs for adore, affection, friendship and has sobbed uncontrollably though denouncing himself as ugly and un-loveable. He is definitely neither of these factors. He is handsome with a cheeky, adorable smile, and his all-natural disposition is gentle and winsome. But I have been unable to console my son though, several occasions,  he has dissolved in grief, that no lady is most likely to adore him that he will in no way have a girlfriend or marry. 


I rebuke these words he has spoken more than himself!


For as lengthy as Michael wants me, I shall be close to him. Exactly where he lives, I reside. I could not be in a position to care for him complete time or restrain him in the way that guarantees his security, but, if there is the slightest possibility I can take him residence for periods  or be with him at brief notice if he wants me, I will be close by.


But what I want – a lot more than something – is to see him healed to see him awaken from the stupor of autism and shake his head as if eschewing a undesirable dream. I want to see him emerge from the entombing darkness of his situation, asking yourself at the brightness of light and the eloquence of unhindered believed. I can see my son inside the illness. I know him as he was destined to be. I have currently created his acquaintance, in the Spirit. 


I think my Saviour could provide Michael of autism in a heartbeat. I never know why He does not. I know there are several, several testimonies of healing from autism on the world-wide-web and I have been told of several by buddies in my church.


I shall continue to pronounce out loud that my son is properly and entire. I shall pronounce in faith that by Jesus’ stripes, Michael is healed. I shall speak to  ‘dry bones’ in the complete expectation that they will re-assemble, clad in living flesh and I will think that Jesus meant my son, Michael, when He mentioned He has come to set the captive no cost and restore what the locusts have eaten. I think He will give Michael back ‘double for his trouble’ (thanks, Joyce Meyer :)) and exchange the oil of mourning for joy, ashes for  beauty. 


This weblog post is an appeal for prayer. It is also, I hope, a candle in darkness. A candle for my stunning, innocent, vulnerable son, Michael, who, for 24 years has dwelled in shadow and with no the abundance of life that is his birth-correct. How several other such candles out there burn brightly, every a single observed by our blessed Saviour and every a single a valuable, valuable flame of purest light? Have mercy, Lord hear the prayers for our young children.


Dear Father in Heaven, two days just after Michael’s 24th birthday, hear this mother’s prayer for her son. Jesus, my buddy and Saviour, can you really feel me tugging on the hem of your garment?


threeWho pardons all your iniquities, Who heals all your illnesses 4Who redeems your life from the pit, Who crowns you with loving kindness and compassion 5Who satisfies your years with fantastic factors, So that your youth is renewed like the eagle.


(Psalm 103:three-five)








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