Snipe Hunting for a Free of charge Snodgrass!—Chris Keith


I suspect that a couple of of you readers of the Jesus Weblog have been snipe hunting.  If you have not been, please let me know and I will organize a snipe hunt for SBL subsequent November.  I have an understanding of that the snipe in Denver are big.

Even amongst these of you who are proficient snipe-hunters, even though, I picture couple of of you have ever hunted, a great deal much less observed, a Snodgrass.  The Snodgrass is an significant but unassuming animal.  It is really hard to catch for the reason that it does not draw interest to itself there is no trail for the hunter to stick to for the reason that the Snodgrass does not drag its ego behind it.  But beware the individual who forgets or ignores the Snodgrass, for the reason that the Snodgrass is quietly authoritative, extensive in its strategy, subtle in its takedown.  Prior to you know it, the Snodgrass has snuck up on you, disassembled your gear, left you discombobulated, and disappeared to the spot from whence it came.  Like Aslan, the Snodgrass is risky, but superior.

Beware, good friends, for the reason that the Snodgrass is new and enhanced.  A second edition is coming out and  Eerdmans, as good friends of the Jesus Weblog, have decided to give away a no cost copy.  You can enter by leaving a comment right here, sharing us on social media (and leaving a comment to let us know you did), signing up to stick to the weblog (and leaving a comment to let us know you did), or, the wild card entry, sharing in the comments your closest encounter with a snipe. 


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