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There is an ancient Celtic saying that beautifully introduces this terminology of thin locations. “Heaven and earth are only 3 feet apart but in thin locations that distance is even shorter.”

This expression and notion has origins in Celtic Christian religion in basic in all probability dating back to the fifth century A.D.  But it appears that the Irish in unique most notably have spoken of thin places—surreal physical spaces exactly where heaven and earth look to touch—times when the distance involving you and God has narrowed to the point exactly where you really feel you could attain out and touch His Face.  No static, no white noise, filled with awe at the really feel of Him, trembling with excitement to be permitted into  His auspicious Presence. The power emanating from the practical experience is electric, sacred. The eternal planet is closer than the physical planet. It is a location exactly where the boundary of heaven and earth is in particular thin fostering intimacy with God a location exactly where the Almighty calls you to Him in a breathtaking manner.

If you have seasoned this connection you will never ever neglect it. And if you have been privileged to practical experience it additional than when you are certainly blessed. It is indicative of a individual who has definitely provided God their heart and has permitted God to give them a heart to know Him. (Jeremiah 24:7)

I have been rewarded by the heavenly Father to be drawn into a thin location on occasion and additional than when it has involved humming birds. I had just such a happening—an incredible practical experience just the other morning. I was standing on my patio meditating and praying. There is a tree overhanging the region that Humming Birds delight in going to. So it was not a surprise when one particular appeared. Now If you are familiar with these twitchy feathered beings you know they are constantly in motion. But rather of flitting from bloom to bloom, as is standard, it landed on a branch and just sat there. By no means did it collect nectar—it just sat quietly. This lovely creature sat motionless with its tiny piercing eyes hunting straight at me for more than 10 minutes although I spoke to God and meditated on His nearness to me at that moment. (I was conscious of the time due to the fact I had glanced at the clock prior to going outdoors and checked it once more when I went back in.) Its only movement was twice spreading its wings. Automobiles had been coming and going to and from the nearby garage people today had been walking just a couple of feet away and there had been various neighborhood noises but my little pal was undaunted in his mission. I knew beyond a doubt that God was utilizing one particular of His creatures to commune with me. And with Jacob I could say, “Surely the Lord is in this location and I was not conscious of it..” Genesis 28:16 (NIV)

If from this week forward you hold these two following passages close in your soul, you will never ever miss the Lord when He shows up—you will normally recognize the thin locations.

Hosea six: two “…He will restore us that we may well reside in His presence…” (NIV)

1 Chronicles 16:11 “Seek the Lord and his strength, seek his face continually.” (ESV)

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