Revive and Come Alive Once again-Prophetic Word – Becky Dvorak


I would say to you, “Revive and come alive once again.

The moment you believed in your heart, and confessed Me as your Lord, I breathed into your spirit, My breathe. And you became alive, born-once again.

But considering the fact that then, you have permitted the cares of this globe to darken your view. And the factors you confessed that you after believed, you do not any longer.

My Spirit is calling out your name, and is wooing you to revive and come alive once again.

All it requires is a straightforward, but heartfelt cry of repentance and the dryness of your spirit will be hydrated and refreshed once again.

I am pretty close to to you, I have under no circumstances walked away from you. I have been longing for you to return to Me. For I enjoy you with an everlasting enjoy. And I am for you, and under no circumstances against you.

My Spirit is interceding for you to revive and come alive once again.

Return to your initially enjoy. Neglect not the day you have been born from above, as you entered into the presence of My wonderful enjoy. And the newness you seasoned as I washed your sins away. How My joy overflowed inside you as the heaviness of this globe left you.

Forsake the strategies of this globe, and revive and come alive once again.

Let Me to exchange My beauty for your ashes. Give to Me all your disappointments and hurts, all that discomfort and suffering I bore upon My physique so you could be cost-free from it. Lay it all down at My feet, and leave it there after and for all.

Let My healing virtue flow by way of you. Revive and come alive once again.

My joy is your strength. And I gave you the medicinal rewards of laughter. Find out to smile and laugh once again. Delight in the straightforward, but all crucial factors in life that definitely do matter.

Let My joy to revive you, and come alive once again.

Your thoughts has been wandering in the wilderness, and temptations have been overtaking you. The way to overcome is to submit to Me and My strategies. Return to My Word, and your thoughts will be renewed, and victory more than sin you will have.

Meditate in My Word, revive and come alive once again.

The days are brief, and quickly you will hear that mighty trumpet blow. We will meet collectively in the air, and what a glorious day that will be.

But till then, now is the time to revive and come alive once again.


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