Genesis 32:22-32
Jacob Wrestles Whom?

God invites us to wrestle with Him in attempting instances – instances of worry (like Jacob), disappointment, loss, or suffering. He condescends to lead us, even kicking and screaming, via these challenges. The query is, are we prepared? Ask the Lord to strengthen you to be sincere prior to Him and wrestle via the challenge with Him, not run from Him or paste on a I’m-a-fantastic-Christian smile and pretend everything’s fine. (If you are interested in deeply meditating on a case study of a particular person wrestling with God, study the book of Job!)

God commanded Jacob to return to his homeland soon after several years in Paddan-aram, and so Jacob gathered his family members and possessions and left. It was then that God met him and wrestled with him. Maybe the 1st step in getting prepared to wrestle with God is getting prepared to obey Him. Lord, open my ears to the command You have for me and strengthen me to take a step of obedience.

Ask the Lord to make our church, and particularly our smaller groups, a location exactly where individuals really feel secure to ask sincere queries and share struggles.

Right here is a bold prayer: Lord, I will not let You go till You bless me, and the blessing I seek is a lot more of You. It is risky simply because He may perhaps adjust your name, figuratively speaking – what you are identified for. It is hazardous simply because He may perhaps give you a limp, like Jacob, or a thorn in the flesh, like Paul, as a continual reminder that He will have to boost and you will have to lower. A risky and hazardous prayer, but a noble and worthy 1!

Calvary Family members

Pray right now as our employees meets with the architect and contractor to go more than the spending budget for our creating project. Offered the detailed arranging carried out to date and the involvement of the architect and contractor with the city of Brea, the numbers must be realistic and relatively firm. Ask the Lord for favor as we pursue creating a new worship center with no mortgage.

Our senior higher students depart on Friday for Winter Camp at Forest Property. Pray that every single 1 will engage with God, wrestling with Him, through this time. Pray for the leaders as they come alongside the students to guide and encourage and challenge. Pray that students can practice laying down self through this lengthy weekend, focusing on the worth and the demands of other individuals as an alternative of themselves.

The LORD covers the sky with clouds He supplies the earth with rain and tends to make grass develop on the hills. (Psalm 147:eight) Through our lengthy drought, absolutely everyone longed for rain, but not absolutely everyone knew whom to ask or whom to thank when it came. We, the ones who know, must be loud and lavish in our thanks to God for the above-typical rainfall this winter.

In Christ,
Carol Gilbert
Calvary Neighborhood Church of Brea