Pentecost: The Reconciliation of the Nations


In our church, we celebrate the Feast of Pentecost, or Shavuot, a vacation observed by millions of Christians and Jews each and every year. As Christians, we celebrate the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and the birth of the Church. The Jews celebrate the providing of the Torah on Mount Sinai. Even so, there is a further quite significant Old Testament backdrop to the Feast of Pentecost.

The story of the Tower of Babel recorded in Genesis 11 relates how males, driven by an evil motivation to make a name for themselves, had reached a point of unity exactly where “nothing would be not possible to them.” So God came down and disrupted their ungodly enterprise. He did this by confusing their languages and scattering them abroad across the face of the earth.

The events of Babel are referred to in Deuteronomy 32:eight-9. The Dead Sea Scrolls translation reads, “When the Most Higher apportioned the nations as an inheritance, when he divided up humankind, he established the borders of the peoples according to the quantity of the sons of God. But the LORD’s portion is his men and women, Jacob his allotted heritage.” Verse eight describes God scattering and disinheriting the nations, providing them more than to lesser gods. Verse 9 says Jacob, the nation of Israel, was not allotted to other gods, but was made to be God’s men and women.

The events associated in Acts two regarding Pentecost can not be understood with no this spiritual-geographical background. Christ had told His disciples that they have been to make disciples of all the nations. Acts two lists the guests from all the nations who have been in Jerusalem to celebrate the Feast of Pentecost. The Gospel was spoken to these men and women in their personal tongues by these disciples who had been filled with the Holy Spirit. By this, God set in motion the reversal of the disinheritance of the nations that had occurred at the Tower of Babel.

The three,000 Jews who believed in Jesus as the Messiah as outcome of the Day of Pentecost have been the seeds of the Gospel of the Kingdom going into all the globe. This was component of God’s program to reconcile the nations unto Himself. God promised all the nations to Christ as His inheritance (Psalm two:six-eight). Prior to Pentecost, the Gentile nations had been “without God in the globe.” Pentecost set in motion the fulfillment of God’s guarantee to Christ. It marked the starting of an unstoppable march across the globe that will culminate in God’s Kingdom on this earth.

Amongst Passover and Pentecost, the disciples went by means of main life modifications that ready them to move in oneness and be endued with energy by the Holy Spirit to be witnesses to the nations. We are in a equivalent procedure. Nowadays, God will achieve His purposes by means of a men and women who are not topic to old conditioning and bondages. As sons of God, we need to be no cost to set creation no cost. Pentecost launches us into the commission to be His witnesses to all creation.

Scriptures: Genesis 11:1-9 Deuteronomy 32:7-9 Acts two:1-12 Matthew 28:19 Psalm two:six-eight 86:eight-9 (Ephesians two:12).


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