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I woke up this morning to snow.¬†I believe the dread of the oncoming winter produced my heart sink proper by way of my toes and into the floor. *sniff* Every single year I get excited more than fall, but neglect the season of freezing temperatures that comes subsequent. ūüėõ

Beside snow, this month was a superior 1. Here’s what went down.


I am HALFWAY Carried out WITH College! My pace has slowed with operate and life piling on, but I am creating progress. I just have to survive the winter. (which I will do by burying myself in fuzzy blankets 97% of the time) I CAN DO THIS. YOU CAN DO THIS.

Operating at Starbucks is nonetheless a issue and I am nonetheless loving it. All of the entertaining Vacation promo is coming out, and I get to enable transform our shop into a winter wonderland. (which means setting up decorations till midnight. SO PUMPED.) The zombie frappuccino released, which is preferred, but nowhere close to the crazy disaster of the unicorn frappuccino.  So I am a delighted barista. xD

Appear. AT. THIS. FENCE. It is proper outdoors my neighborhood so each and every time I drive dwelling from someplace I get to gaze upon its amazingness. The Calvin and Hobbes comics are close to my heart and hold a unique nostalgia with them... so this fence generally brightens my day. &lt3

MY Thoughts IS BLANKING ON Much more HIGHLIGHTS. Typically I create them down as I go all through the month… but I was a slacker and completely forgot. #oops¬†

(Also, when writing this post I accidentally clicked publish on a pretty, pretty rough draft. *heart attack* (so sorry if you study that) But I imply, which genius decided it was a superior thought to place the save and publish buttons proper subsequent to every other?!)

(speaking of blogging… I’ve noticed that the GFC widget on blogspot blogs are providing some sort of error.¬† Please inform me if you figure out how to repair it. I will give you pizza. Practically. )


Invictus¬†[3/5]¬†– so the starting began off SUPER amazing, but as it went on I lost interest and wasn’t emotionally involved with the characters. (and my poor thoughts was pretty confused about the time travel stuff SAMxD)

Wildwood¬†[2/5]¬†–¬†this book had so a great deal prospective! The aesthetic and illustrations have been beautiful… but it was so loooong and boooring.

Knife¬†[4/5]¬†– absolutely not my standard sort of story… but I loved it since of the nostalgia! When I was small I study fairy stories all the time, so I adored the trip back to the previous. &lt3

When Dimple Met Rishi¬†[2/5] –¬†cute at instances, but did not reside up to the hype. It is difficult for me to study a romance story when I do not like either of the most important characters pretty a great deal. :/

Earlier this month I went to a book clearance sale and purchased seven barely-made use of hardcovers for seven dollars. Um, yes please. The only undesirable issue is that I now have to commence stacking books on my floor considering that my shelves are entirely complete. ūüėõ

Oh! And mark your calendars for November 13th. Why? The remarkable Nadine Brandes is revealing the title and cover of her most recent YA novel! I am SO EXCITED TO FLAIL More than IT WITH Everybody. *hype intensifies*

I Completed PLOTTING MY NANO NOVEL!¬†I was completed a week just before NaNoWriMo, which is¬†crazy¬†since I am under no circumstances that organized. But, hey, there is generally a very first for anything! ūüėõ

I debated on regardless of whether or not to operate on a distinctive project in the course of my cost-free week… but as an alternative I decided to devote my further time reading. Yes, I could’ve pushed myself, but I also know that it would’ve backfired as soon as NaNo began.¬†I need to have to stalk up on my power when I have the likelihood.¬†Beside — reading is portion of¬† becoming a writer! And I do not do practically adequate of it. *sniff*

My plotting motto for this year:¬†ASK ALL THE Inquiries. Come across ALL THE ANSWERS.¬†And that is generally what I did till I figured out my novel’s plot. xD I am far more ready than I’ve ever been. For instance:

time spent prepping for NaNo 2016: thirteen hours.

time spent prepping for NaNo 2017: thirty-seven hours.

Yeah. 37. That is thirty-seven focused hours. I am attempting to grow to be much better at just plotting/writing/blogging, and not having distracted by taking speedy small breaks to scroll by way of social media. I located this app named Forest that is Remarkable. It aids maintain me on job and make the most effective of my time. Huzzah!

Also, appear! I ordered NaNoWriMo merch for the very first time! I am hoping to go to a handful of create-ins in November, so I will be capable to effectively show off my obsession with NaNo. xD


Issues TO COME

The final two NaNoWriMos I’ve completed a weekly NaNo recap on the weblog, and I am going to continue that for this year! Keep tuned for excitement, revelations, sleep-deprived moaning about word counts, and incoherent babblings. (what far more could you ask for? )

And, if I recall, I will be undertaking a every day NaNo vlog that I will place with each other and post at the finish of the month. I am so excited for the craziness to commence! *hands out cookies for you all to delight in*

(and here’s my NaNo profile if we’re not buddies but!)

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