Now Is Our Time (Helaman 7)


In Helaman 7, Nephi returns from a missionary trip and is quite discouraged. The messages he has preached throughout the trip have been entirely rejected. The Nephite individuals he preached to stay in a state of excellent iniquity. As he reflects on how the individuals are “condemning the righteous simply because of their righteousness [and] letting the guilty and wicked go unpunished” (verse five), Nephi really wishes he could have lived throughout a distinct period of time:

“Oh, that I could have had my days in the days when my father Nephi initially came out of the land of Jerusalem, that I could have joyed with him in the promised land then have been his individuals simple to be entreated, firm to preserve the commandments of God, and slow to be led to do iniquity, and they have been fast to hearken unto the words of the Lord.” (Helaman 7:7)

Maybe we may perhaps feel the exact same way often. We often hear about the “blessings of old” and how items seemed to be so substantially far better years ago. Folks who say these items certainly sound like they want they have been back in that period of time. For these of us who weren’t alive at the time getting described, it can be tempting to make statements like Nephi did in the verse above, imagining some utopian period of time when almost everything was far better than it is currently.

Nevertheless, just simply because great memories are linked with an earlier period of time does not automatically make that a “far better” time. For instance, in the story referenced above, the earlier time getting referenced was when the original Nephi and his household traveled to the Americas. The energy of God was evident at that time, but Nephi was also threatened with death by his personal brothers on many occasions, ultimately possessing to take his followers and flee in the evening. So, it wasn’t all smiles and blessings for him.

I have heard testimonies of how The Church grew in the early 20th century. It would seem that individuals have been extra open to hearing the Word of God at that time such that the individuals of God have been fast to share their faith, creating for blessed memories. Nevertheless, it was also a time of Fantastic Depression and two Globe Wars, so it was also a difficult time in which to reside. Was it far better than currently, worse than currently, or just distinct than currently?

There is really not substantially point in comparing one particular period of time to yet another. God has one particular program that encompasses all of time, from the starting to the finish. He enlists distinct individuals to oversee every period of time for Him — Now is our time!


  • Maybe the venues we want to use to get out the message currently are distinct than at other instances — but the message is the exact same.
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  • The attacks we face currently may perhaps be distinct than at other instances — but the enemy is the exact same.
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  • And, most importantly — our God is the exact same! He has the exact same energy currently as He did in any previous time and continues to be stronger than the enemy we face.
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As an alternative of bemoaning that we weren’t involved in some earlier aspect of God’s program, let’s embrace the aspect we are involved in. We are seeing prophecies come to life in our time. The level of opposition we are facing implies that momentous events are coming in the not-as well-distant future. We should really really feel honored that God has entrusted us to be the stewards of His perform throughout this period of time.

So, even as we continue to delight in hearing about the “blessings of old,” and even as we advantage from the lessons discovered and taught by other individuals in the previous, let’s accept the duty of this era of time that God has assigned to us. Maybe in the distant future, individuals will appear back and say they want they could have lived in the 21st century to delight in that blessed time in God’s history. But they will want to concentrate on their personal time — Now is our time!

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