Nagual Lady Weblog: Judgments


by Rev. Amari Magdalena

Lately, I was struck by judgmental commentary on Facebook
about parenting.  It reminded me of the
old singsong, playground torment, “my
____ is far better than your _____.”
presents in my thoughts, a clear and present danger to creating these bridges of
understanding that the planet so desperately requires.  This mine
is ideal
raises its ugly head virtually day-to-day on FB with the war of foodies. Then comes the barrage of politics.  Everywhere there appears to be conflict.

We’ve come to a good chasm in our nation precipitated by
polarizing viewpoints of what is ideal for our nation.  There is a harsh and bitter divide brewing in
rhetoric, snarky humor, and resurfacing of buried hurts and prejudices.  Households, close friends, cohorts, fraternal organizations,
and other associations are experiencing tearing apart more than oppositional
viewpoints. We are quickly moving toward the nation divided of which Abraham
Lincoln posited we would not stand.
The word judgment suggests that we’ve come to a choice
just after cautious believed.  But the judgments
getting lambasted upon respondents to Facebook posts appear a lot far more impulsive and
emotional.  Cautious believed has gone
begging.  The word, judgmental, on the
other hand, displays an excessively crucial point of view.
I grew up with incredibly crucial parents.  As a troubled adult, I located that legacy
creeping into my vernacular anytime my personal private self-judgments got
projected onto nearby other individuals. Much easier to deflect the self-criticisms possibly
than to personal up to the underlying self-esteem problems at the genuine heart of the
matter.  If I wasn’t projecting onto
other individuals I was self-flagellating in damaging words.
It took some time of attempting to stroll in an additional person’s
footwear and the vagaries of my personal life’s unfolding, to comprehend how dangerous
criticism is (each self and other).  As
an artist and author, I’ve been the recipient of criticism that demonstrated
our collective wounds in glaring clarity. 
I located a quote in a book I just study that captured this for me
poignantly.  “…first rule of getting an artist or undertaking something inventive is to do it
for your self and look at the supply when an individual criticizes your operate.”
The bible reminds us to cast not the very first stone but stoning
with words appears to be the game du jour of our present atmosphere. From a
shamanic point of view, words can be spell casting.  1 of the very first Toltec premises for a far more
joyous life, is to turn into impeccable with our words reframe from causing harm.
Beyond our words undertaking harm, are our adverse thoughts.  Every, and just about every, time we see an individual possibly
dressed in a way we do not approve of our judgment is telepathically sent to
the individual. A sensitive individual perceives this. Consider the fog of judgment floating
via the air just about every day just from our significantly less than stellar thoughts. Now add
pixels of projected negativity via our tablets, cell phones, computer systems,
and so forth.  It is incredible we are not all going
about like the old cartoon character Joe Btfsplk in Li’l Abner who often had a dark cloud more than his head.
So, what is the answer? How do we arrest this judgmental tendency
in ourselves, our circle of close friends, and our nation?  My answer is paying consideration noticing.  It starts with us.  From our very first thoughts when we get out of
bed till the final thoughts just before we go to sleep, we are pondering.  A great deal of the thoughts are not constructive.  If we tune into any media day-to-day, we have had
our consciousness filled with thoughts of human failings.  Add to that our personal self-judgments and then
our stated unhappiness with these about us, and we have a compost pile of extremely
putrid debris.
Very first answer is NOT to berate your self extremely
critical.  Notice the believed thank it
advise it that you are total with its message and send it back to the nothingness
from which it came.  No harm no foul.
Stick to this with a constructive believed about what ever was coming up.
I KNOW this is a enormous challenge.  Facebook is filled with adverse media and just
a handful of really inspiring stories.  If you are
posting 10 a day make 9 of them constructive. 
If you have to post a adverse to arouse folks towards transform, couch the
posting by substituting “Ain’t it awful”
with “this is such a good message for us
to actually awaken and affirm, even though actions and words, for a far more humane
point of view.”
Most surely, I am not advocating for burying our heads
in the sand when essential problems for human existence are at stake.  Merely suggesting, I am, that we spin it to
the constructive.  “Look how clear this instance is for bringing
us to collective transform for very good.  See
how it is demonstrating in vivid colors, the techniques we have to have to transform and
encounter our society.  What a present!”
Appear, I’m not setting myself up as a saint right here or saying
that I do this all the time.  Fantastic Lord,
no!  What this tome is about is taking
infant measures towards a consciousness of enjoy and compassion so that we do build
a planet exactly where every person thrives.  We do
anything we are capable of to build constructive transform for the popular very good.  And, we take time to appear inside the flowers
of life to see their magnificence!

“Absolutely everyone have to leave some thing behind when he dies…Anything your hand touched some way, so your soul has someplace to go when you die…It does not matter what you do, so lengthy as you transform some thing from the way it was just before you touched it, into some thing that is like you just after you take your hands away.”  Ray Bradbury

You cannot make footprints in the sands of time by sitting on your butt.  And who desires to leave buttprints in the sands of time?”  Bob Moawad

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