My [23M] ex-GF[21F] who broke up with me final week nonetheless desires to go to concert we’ve been waiting for : relationships


My now-ex girlfriend of five years broke up with me final week, it was a pretty amicable break-up, the particulars are in one more post I’ve created on this account. We’ve gone no make contact with, and it really is been about 10 days, and she just texted me about when to meet up for a concert tomorrow that we’ve been waiting months for. I purchased the tickets as a Valentine’s present and the artist is each of our favorites. I have each the tickets so what I do with them is fully in my manage.

I nonetheless appreciate her so substantially, and she apparently nonetheless loves me as well, at least that is what she stated throughout the break-up, and honestly I think it. On the other hand, with the outstanding quantity of heartbreak I’ve been in these previous couple of days, I just do not feel going to a concert with her would be fantastic for me.

A element of me desires to think that if we have a good time, this could rekindle our romantic spark and possibly we’ll keep in mind why we ever got with each other in the 1st location and possibly get started new once more.

On the other hand, with the immense heartbreak I am feeling and uncertainty with exactly where I stand with her, I am worried that our feelings could either make the show a pretty terrible encounter for each of us, solidifying our break-up. Or, alternatively, I could really feel exceptionally fond feelings for her even though she sees this as practically nothing a lot more than a concert in which we’re adjacent to 1 one more. Resulting in even a lot more heartbreak for me.

Honestly, what do you feel I need to do? What would you do? If you study my other post you are going to be in a position to get a greater context about the nature of our break up.

tldr: Girlfriend amicably broke up with me a week ago, went no make contact with, she just texted me about a concert we’ve waited months for, asking when we need to meet up. What do I do?


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