For me, becoming alive implies intentional living. ‘Living’ is synonymous with ‘Aliveness’ – becoming alive, but in this context, living signifies a state exactly where you only breathe in and out oxygen, but aliveness implies, amongst other factors, to be alert and active, not just breathing. Let’s place grammar aside and concentrate on the major point: God expects us to maximize (make complete use of) the life He has offered to us on earth, by discovering the essence of our existence and placing it to complete use till it is exhausted, right here on earth.


Like apostle Paul mentioned,

“As for me, my life has currently been poured out as an providing to God. The time of my death is close to. I have fought the great fight, I have completed the race, and I have remained faithful. two Tim. four:six-7

Notice the final statement in the scripture above, “and I have remained faithful,” faithful to what? His special calling as assigned to him by the Lord. This shows that it is equally vital to play by the guidelines of the game, and run the correct race, as it is to finish the race.


Earlier in the book of Acts, he stated the driving force for his life,

“But my life is worth nothing at all to me unless I use it for finishing the perform assigned me by the Lord Jesus–the perform of telling other individuals the Very good News about the superb grace of God.” Acts 20:24

He understood what the Lord would have him do and he spent his whole life in the pursuit of the very same, and mentioned at the finish of the day, “I have completed the perform!” Is not that what vision is – a image of a preferred or a determined finish? It is the finish that is captured ahead of the starting. It is to see it and say it as it will be at the finish. Paul saw it and worked towards it till it was achieved, and had nothing at all much more to reside for. He maximized his existence on earth so significantly so that he began longing for the life beyond the earth.


“Death Is A Tragedy Only For A Man Who Was In no way Actually Alive!”


A lot of persons are eagerly waiting for the second coming of Christ and want the globe to finish for the reason that of their existing suffering, and some want it for the reason that they really feel it will finish the suffering in the globe, not realizing that God is delaying His return for the reason that He desires them to fulfill and maximize their goal on earth. He desires sons like Paul, who would pour themselves into their life assignment 100% and extended for property only for the reason that they are performed right here on earth, but not ESCAPISTS!


“Heaven is meant for the sons of God who are performed on earth and have a record of pleasing God though on earth. No escapists can be identified there!”


Christ mentioned,

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy I have come that they could have life, and have it to the complete.” John 10:10

That is precisely my point, you are not just to have a life, you are to have it beyond mere existence. Be all that you can be and have all that you can dream of and think God for, right here on earth!


“Life Was Developed To Be Lived Completely!”


God does not require your talents in heaven, you do not require prosperity in heaven, you do not require abundant provision of all earthly supplies in heaven, you do not require sound wellness in heaven, we do not require your dreams in heaven, they are only valid and offered to you for the goal of other individuals right here on earth, and they are meant to be objects of praise unto God, only right here on earth.


Ideally, reaching your God-offered dreams (bearing significantly fruit) on earth is an indication of a meaningful and prosperous existence, which is great for the earth and qualifies you for heaven.

“When you make significantly fruit, you are my accurate disciples. This brings wonderful glory to my Father.” John 15:18

Jesus could have merely mentioned “When you make ‘Fruit,’” but to emphasize the type of life He planned for us, that is why He mentioned “MUCH Fruit.”


So, What Is A Maximized Existence?

It is a life of adore which expresses itself in service unto God, and maximum selfless service unto fellow mankind, according to the intent of God for one’s life.

The Bible says regarding David,

“For David, following he had served his personal generation by the will of God, fell asleep,……” Acts 13:36

I made use of the portion of the scripture above to alight my point about service. These we contact wonderful on earth are guys of wonderful service unto mankind, and these even the wonderful contact wonderful are guys who not only serve the persons but also love a wealthy partnership with God.

How are you serving your Maker?

How are you serving your generation?

Who is pleased for the reason that you are alive?

What are you contributing the space known as earth?

“If the only particular person who knows you are alive is the opposite gender – your spouse, then you have a wasting and a malfunctioning existence.”


For that reason, uncover God’s excellent strategy for your life, and adopt Acts 20:24 and two Tim. four:six-7.

A Man Who Has Nothing at all But Material Items And Job Titles To His Name, Is That A single A Man?


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