Worse than death is life not RIGHTLY and completely made use of. It is one particular factor to reside, it is a different factor to be alive. Living is a all-natural state of existence that is commonly passive, but aliveness is a conscious state of existence that includes an active participation and deliberate contributions to life.

A man can be living but not definitely alive. You have to have heard the phrase, “A living dead” just before, that is specifically the state of several persons in our generation. A man on the hospital bed is nonetheless living, but as far as contribution to life is concerned he is not alive (active). A important distinction involving these who are merely living and these who are definitely alive is, ‘PRODUCTIVITY.’ The former are commonly buyers, the later make. Truthfully, the wealth of the producers commonly comes from the consumption of the buyers, and that explains why the masses will generally be at the mercy of the producers.

Life was developed to be lived Totally! Something quick of that is wasteful existence and it is wickedness. Jesus referred to as the unproductive servant  a ‘wicked servant.’

“‘You wicked servant!’ the king roared.” Luke 19:22

God generally desires what ever He has provided us to be completely deployed right here on earth mainly because the genuine essence of creation can only be realized by complete deployment of the life inside. Jesus affirmed,

‘I brought glory to you right here on earth by finishing the function you gave me to do.’ John 17:four

God didn’t give you your breath just so you could occupy space. He hates unproductive existence. Jesus stated this by way of a parable He after told,

“A man planted a fig tree in his garden and came once more and once more to see if there was any fruit on it, but he was generally disappointed. Lastly, he stated to his gardener, ‘I’ve waited 3 years, and there hasn’t been a single fig! Reduce it down. It is just taking up space in the garden.” Luke 13:six-7

That tree was living but not up to expectation, that is why it was reduce down. A man who is not functioning according to God’s original intention for His life will generally finish up like that tree.

Now, to maximize existence goes beyond mere productivity, you can be wrongly productive. Jesus Christ stated to God,

‘I brought glory to you right here on earth by finishing the function you gave me to do.’ John 17:four

A maximized existence starts with the discovery of the Essence Of Existence. The good results of any solution is to function according to the intention of the manufacturer. So something outdoors your goal is a misuse of some sort, even even though God has a way of generating all to function collectively for superior, if you align with His goal at some point.



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