Key Concerns Hidden in Plain Sight


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If you want to hide a big situation, hide it in plain sight.

Folks are so employed to their big difficulties that these difficulties are typical. They are just portion of standard each day life, and we accept them as portion of life.

It really is like the big situation of consumption of added sugar.

Society is so enmeshed with sugar, that all the difficulties that it creates like heart illness, obesity, dental cavities, and extra are invisible to us. We’ve come to think they are inevitable in some approaches. Western Society is employed to considering, “Nicely, that is just genetics.” or “That just how it is.” or “That is just what occurs when you get older.”

Much more particularly, the sentences go: “Some persons just get fat” or “Folks get cavities, so you have to get fillings.” There are lots of approaches we speak to normalize issues that are not typical.

But no. Consuming tons of sugar is not typical or organic to the human diet plan. Obesity (I recognize there are other elements than sugar), cavities, heart illness, and so forth are preventable, and sugar is 1 of the big causes if not the sole trigger.

In extra spiritual terms, all sorts of self-worth difficulties like the will need to be desirable or sensible or productive are sitting appropriate in front of our collective noses. Cultural prejudices and beliefs of all sort are shouting at us each day. In Western Culture, persons continually hear the lie, “BE PRODUCTIVE!” Till we turn to the spiritual path and do inner operate, these big difficulties and extra are all invisible due to the fact we’re so employed to believing them.

And they will keep invisible till you cultivate a correct aspiration to KNOW REALITY no matter what you learn.

As you do that, you will comprehend a terrific numerous issues. Only then can you commence to deal with the numerous sorts of discomfort you have triggered your self and other people by living out and perpetuating the normalcy of so numerous big difficulties.

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