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Do take the opportunity if it comes, to see the new
sequel to the hugely popular film Mama Mia. I had heard mixed reports about it, but I found it very moving. It may stir the emotions of those watching it, but it is very positive. Sometimes we need
opportunities for buried emotions to be released in harmless ways, to allow
new acceptance, contentment and happiness to flow in and fill our lives.

I was truly surprised at the way in this one film (which
hopefully will be viewed by millions) so many areas of human experience and different aspects of loving are highlighted in non judging and positive ways.
Even love and care for animals – in this case a beautiful horse. As well as the
thread of sadness which runs through the film, there is also a celebration of
joy and fun, and a feeling of moving forward and embracing new life.
And, what moved me most at the climax of the film, there was a clear affirmation
of love continuing beyond the death of the physical body, and the ability which
can come to us all of realising the continuing presence of loved ones.

I hope that many people will be encouraged in their own
faith by watching this film – an example I believe of the positive way in which
our Star prayers are indeed affecting the media and those in positions to influence
the thoughts of others.

White Eagle reminds us in his Little Book of Comfort for
the Bereaved: `Love disperses all mists….when there is love in the heart it
shines through and disperses the the mist and he/she sees      loved ones…it is not a question of human kind being `here` and
the spirit `over there` with a closed door in between the two. Understanding
reveals that life is universal, that the life of the spirit is identical with
life on earth.`


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