Inner Perform 055: Healing the Battle With Your Inner Rebel with Karly Randolph-Pitman


This episode is my interview with speaker, author, and writer Karly Randolph-Pitman on the notion of the inner rebel. The inner rebel is that voice or power that pops up from inside you when you attempt to make a modify, take a danger, or operate on healing your self in a deep way. The inner rebel could sabotage your efforts, derail your progress, or get in your way when you attempt to strengthen your self or your life. Understand how to operate with – rather than against – this inner rebel, which is in the end an critical and beneficial portion of your self.

To find out much more about Karly’s operate or sign up for her courses, you can take a look at her internet site:

Karly talked about this book through the interview: Getting the Deep River Inside by Abby Seixas


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