I am Supportive, Sort and Generous.


Affirmative Prayer: I am Supportive, Sort and Generous.
There is a Divine Presence that is forever providing Its care
and assistance to all of creation. This Presence is the supply of all wisdom and
generosity. This Divine Presence is the good inventive force, the dynamic
generosity that is limitless in Its attain. 
This Divine Presence acts by means of all beings to build Life.

So for that reason the Divine Presence is producing life by means of
me. I am a channel for wisdom and generosity. There is no limit to the constructive
influence I can have on life about me.

So nowadays I am accepting a higher
conscious awareness of my potential to be inventive and to have an constructive influence
on all these I make contact with. I am a force for fantastic. I am supportive, sort and
generous. This is my organic state of becoming and I embrace it. It is my

I am grateful for this new consciousness and I let its
goodness to wash more than me.

I surrender my intention to the maker of all Life,
the Divine A single.

Diane Tapogna, RScP

Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa


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