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18 May well 2018


Holding hands


What is the story about holding hands?

I figured it out just after going on an outing with my particular pal.

When holding hands we stroll subsequent to every other none is in front, none is operating behind. We are two equals, two quantity ones, our divine self’s, enjoying our personal and a single another’s corporation, whilst possessing enjoyable.


The other day my pal and I went for a day trip to Mexico-Tecate.

We are parking our car or truck on the American side and stroll more than the border to Mexico.

It is pretty magical. We step into a fully distinctive planet.

An unexpected joy bubbles up inside of me. I appear at my mate and see the similar taking place to him.

Laughing like kids, we take every other’s hand and stroll beside every other in to Tecate.


We are possessing a amazing day, complete of laughter, new tastes, gorgeous people today and peaceful sharing.

At some stage through our adventure, my walking companion is desperately seeking for a hat or a bandana to cover his head. It is actually hot. Off he requires on his mission, striding out in front of me with his lengthy legs. It only requires a couple of moments and I am trailing behind, no possibility to catch up. I am rushing down the street whilst an exciting wee shop catches my eye. Quit! I step inside. Wow, what a cool shop. They make freshly shaved iced drinks in about 30 flavors. I am drooling. Ah, now I certainly lost lengthy legs fully. I step outdoors on the pavement. He is nowhere to be observed. I obtain him many blocks down the road. He is waving his arms in aggravation.

What is going on  frustration asks.

Hey you, I got distracted. Would you like a freshly ready lemon ice drink? I get us a single.

Yeah, that sounds cool. Shall we meet down by the tiny mercado. I certainly obtain my head cover there.

I go to my wee shop and marvel at how a great deal really like the owners place into preparing their drinks. Gradually I stroll down to the mercado, sipping on this scrumptious refreshment. I stand in the doorway watching my mate whilst he joyfully investigates the modest mall. Following a whilst he methods out of the shop with a huge grin on his face. He puts on his new bandana. Now the pirate is prepared to take on Tecate once again.

On our way back to the center of town, we stroll peacefully subsequent to every other, happily sharing our adventure and the so scrumptious drink. This feels great.


There is no enjoyable in operating ahead and receiving frustrated waiting. There is no enjoyable in operating behind and attempting to catch up. When I stroll with a person, I get pleasure from walking subsequent to every other as equals, sharing our divinity. That is enjoyable for me.

None is telling the other what to do or displaying the other exactly where to go, each are delighting in their shared adventure. Two quantity ones are enjoying every other’s corporation and possessing enjoyable with each other.

When I do my personal point, I do that alone. And that is enjoyable for me as well.

The only particular person I ever want to lead is myself and that I do by recognizing who I definitely am I am divine.

The only particular person I ever like to stick to is my divine self, that which is my highest and greatest in me. That I do by listening inside.

The quantity a single becoming to like and really like is myself initially and then I like and really like my planet the similar.

Yes, I am a no cost spirit and that consists of me enjoying sharing and loving for it is my nature.

I had a magical time in Tecate with my particular pal, a satisfied day in pequeno paraiso = tiny paradise.

Only now whilst writing down this story I comprehend my epiphany about holding hands. At the moment of practical experience it basically felt suitable and I was becoming me. Such a gorgeous moment.

Rev. Dr. Anita Lopp


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