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Hi All

Just want to get some feedback/opinions. I’ve been operating with healing stones for six months now. In the starting I applied them a lot, cleansed/recharged them typically. Nowadays I kept my Lapis Lazuli in my pocket, taking it out regularly to move it in between my hands. By the finish of the day I forgot it was in my pocket and stepped on it genuinely challenging and genuinely injuring my foot. 20 minutes later I stepped on it with the other foot. I’m in all probability more than considering it but it seemed as well a lot like a coincidence. I study someplace prior that when you are accomplished needing the healing from a distinct stone that it can randomly go missing/fall off/and so on. Sounds silly but I really feel like stepping on the stone with each feet was meant to catch my consideration. Questioning if somebody has knowledgeable anything comparable in regards to a stone grabbing your consideration in some way. Or possibly it just desires to be cleansed / recharged ?


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