Forty Fulfilled Prophecies – Escape to Reality


Here’s a quiz query: When Jesus came riding into Jerusalem on a donkey, was he received as (a) the lengthy awaited Messiah, or (b) a prophet? It may surprise you, but the answer is (b):

When Jesus entered Jerusalem, the entire city was stirred and asked, “Who is this?” The crowds answered, “This is Jesus, the prophet…” (Matt. 21:10-11)

The Judeans recognized Jesus as the prophet of God and we believe, “He was a great deal additional than that. Jesus is the Son of God.” However the Judeans weren’t incorrect – Jesus was a prophet and a outstanding 1 at that.

These days just about everyone can contact themselves a prophet and we do not believe a great deal of it. But in Biblical occasions there was a higher regular: To be a prophet of God meant prophesying with 100% accuracy (Deu. 18:20-22). If a person prophecies or foretells an occasion that does not come to pass, they weren’t speaking for God, simply because God never ever lies.

In scripture, Jesus is known as the prophet. He is the ultimate Prophet to whom the other prophets pointed. However in practically 50 years of church-going I do not believe I’ve ever heard a sermon entitled “Jesus the Prophet.” Have you? Probably it is simply because we believe the label is demeaning. “Better to contact him Lord than prophet.” But if we paid additional interest to the prophecies of Jesus the Prophet, we would be significantly less susceptible to the misleading claims of false prophets.

Jesus stated it. It occurred. That settles it.

Jesus predicted a lot of outstanding issues that we miss simply because we do not know history. When I was carrying out the study for my AD70 book, I dug deep into the events of the very first-century and was consistently struck with the believed, “This is precisely what Jesus stated would come about!”

Obscure prophecies, like the 1 about the eagles gathering about the carcass (Matt. 24:28), look strange to us. We have no thought what Jesus was speaking about. But his which means would have been completely clear to a Judean living in the very first century.

It is the exact same when Jesus is speaking about shortened days and fleeing to the mountains. These prophecies look mysterious to us, but these who heard them and saw them fulfilled knew precisely what was going on. The prophecies of Jesus have been as plain as day and these who heeded them have been saved by them.

You in all probability know that Jesus predicted the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple, but what you may possibly not know is that Jesus painted a really detailed image of when, exactly where, and how that destruction would unfold. He was not vague. In truth, Jesus created no significantly less than 40 predictions in connection with that occasion – that is 40 signposts even Blind Freddy could see. However we do not see the signposts simply because they are obscured by the mists of time.

Take this signpost for instance: Jesus stated that when the temple fell, “the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light” (Matt. 24:29). What was he speaking about? Lacking a frame of reference we provide our personal. “Jesus was speaking about astronomy.” Nope. Jesus was describing a political occasion utilizing the exact same language adopted by Old Testament prophets such as Isaiah (13:10) and Ezekiel (32:7). He was saying the lights have been about to go out on Jerusalem and the old temple method. This interpretation would have been completely clear to a Jew raised on the Jewish scriptures (the Old Testament).

Why does this matter?

I am searching forward to the future return of King Jesus and the rapture of the church, but I am consistently dismayed by the way a lot of Christians are duped by bogus finish times’ prophecies.

Final year quite a few prominent ministries predicted that “something big” would come about in September 2017. Couple of in fact stated Jesus would return or that we would be raptured, but these are the sorts of issues implied by “something significant.” It was an thrilling prophecy, repeated numerous occasions on social media.

However September came and nothing at all occurred. Jesus did not return. There was no rapture, no antichrist, no Armageddon.

The prognosticators have been incorrect. This need to not surprise us. These who force-match modern events to scriptures meant for yet another generation are incorrect 100% of the time. However the industry for undesirable predictions thrives simply because folks adore this sensational stuff. Create a book on blood moons or make a rapture film and you will obtain a prepared audience. In the absence of excellent prophecies, undesirable ones thrive.

It is not my intent to badmouth everyone, but if we spent as a great deal time studying the prophecies of Jesus as we did listening to finish times’ doomsayers, we wouldn’t listen to finish times’ doomsayers. If we have been greater acquainted with the truth of what Jesus stated we would not be conned by eschatological hucksters.

Final year was a undesirable year for the self-proclaimed prophets, but I assure it is only a matter of time ahead of the subsequent false prophecy comes along to seduce and unsettle you. How can you shield oneself from these distractions? You may possibly say, “I’ve been fooled ahead of, but I now I know greater.” But every new prophecy sounds convincing. It appears to match the scriptures and the occasions. “That final 1 was incorrect, but this 1 appears spot on. Take my cash!”

Persons hijack or misinterpret Christ’s prophecies simply because they do not know history. Their ignorance of the previous leads them to make incorrect predictions about the future. Christ’s prophecies save lives, but undesirable prophecies hurt folks and embarrass the church. To aid you inform the distinction, right here is a table listing 40 fulfilled prophecies created by Jesus in connection with the destruction of Jerusalem. (Click the image under for a bigger version.) The stories behind every fulfilled prophecy, along with citations to the original supply material, can be located in my AD70 book. I encourage you to verify them out. The stories are spectacular and will leave you in awe of Jesus the Prophet.

These 40 fulfilled prophecies are a sign to make you wonder. Eusebius, the father of church history, stated they have been “truly divine and marvelously strange.” They are proof that the Son of God sees the finish from the starting. But additional than that, they reveal the caring heart of Jesus.

Jesus could have stated nothing at all about Jerusalem’s dark future. He could have come and died on the cross and left it at that. But as he wandered the streets of Jerusalem, a terrific ache triggered him to speak up once again and once again. Even as he bore the cross to Calvary he stopped to prophesy about the tragedy he saw coming (see Luke 23:28-29).

“Pretty table, Paul. But I do not think these 40 indicators had something to do with the fall of Jerusalem.” You have the luxury of believing that, but very first-century Judeans who dismissed the 40 indicators paid a higher cost. Inside 40 years, each and every 1 of the Lord’s 40 prophecies had been fulfilled. These who heeded them lived these who didn’t died brutal deaths.

The 40 fulfilled prophecies have been for then, but they also encourage us now. These ancient prophecies leave us in awe of a excellent Savior who cares adequate to speak into our lives. Here’s the lesson: These who hear and think Jesus will reside. It was correct then and it is remains correct now.


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