Father Terry’s Spiritual Stuff: Charles Freer Andrews


C. F. Andrews was a minister in the Anglican Church in England.  He decided to come to be a missionary and that is how he met Mohandas Gandhi, in South Africa, exactly where Gandhi was operating on civil rights.  Andrews felt that Gandhi was a fantastic instance of the spirit of Christian like and Gandhi felt that Andrews was a missionary who bore witness to the Gospel via deeds.  Western religions appear so usually to emphasize articles of belief, dogmas, and internal guidelines, though the witness in action is much less crucial and usually not lived a lot at all by its believers.  Various prejudices would be an instance of this.  I locate a lot much more eye-catching a spiritual path that attracts via deeds rather than via promotions that emphasize beliefs or a program of hoops a single have to go via.  AA, Gandhi, and Andrews would be examples of the emphasis on action and witness.


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