Epilogue of the Lost Daughter


June 2015 — “I hate you! You will by no means see me once again! I am acquiring married and you will by no means see my young children. I am carried out with you forever!”

Our lately graduated eighteen-year-old daughter howled with rage and hatred towards us as a string of profanity flew out of her mouth.

I was trembling with worry and left her in her bedroom with her father and her shocked greatest pal. Our fifteen-year-old son looked terrified. She left our house with an overnight bag and was picked up by her fiancé to go to her apartment. This was the culmination of months of conflict exactly where we had attempted desperately to hang on to her and she fought us with all of her may well to run away from us. This most recent explosion was triggered by my secret misguided attempts to force her to come house. But, it had backfired SO badly!

In shock, we realized that we had been now the parents of a prodigal kid. I knew that it was time to let go of her and that this was a battle that no quantity of work on my aspect could win. I had been beneath the illusion that I could usually obtain a way to repair my children’s challenges. But now, only God could rescue and save our kid.

My husband and I released her into the arms of her Heavenly Father and stopped providing guidance, preaching, and attempting to usurp the part of the Holy Spirit in her life. Even even though I now had zero direct influence on my kid, I could pray.

I discovered how to pray efficiently in order to defeat the powers of darkness that threatened to destroy my daughter. I joined a weekly house prayer group and a bigger corporate month-to-month prayer group. I also had a group of mates whom I could text any time and ask for prayer. When we met for group prayer, we cried out to God on behalf of our young children in agreement with every other. I located that the greatest tactic against worry and anxiousness was praying from the ground of redemption (Oswald Chambers). It changed my viewpoint from believing what I saw with my eyes and heard with my ears to trusting what God says in His Word. When worry and hurt assailed me, I spoke out His truth and wrote His promises in my journal. I also sought the Lord deeper than ever prior to and located that I wanted Jesus for Who He is and not just for what He could give me.

At times the discomfort of the estrangement and the unknown was so terrific that I actually felt as if my stomach was churning and my heart was reduce open and bleeding. I felt broken and didn’t know if I would ever really feel entire once again. But, God was so faithful to me and I knowledgeable His loving presence providing me peace and even joy in the middle of sorrow.

The a lot more we prayed, the worse factors got. One particular evening, our daughter packed up her belongings, left the apartment she shared with her fiancée, and drove alone with her cat in tow from SC to AZ to reside with a man she had met on the Web. We didn’t know exactly where she was for more than a week. She spent three months living in a literal hell since the man was a drug addict who physically and emotionally abused her. Like the prodigal father, my husband and I ran to our (digital) road all day lengthy, hoping to get a text from our kid letting us know that she was alive.

From one particular day to one more, we actually didn’t know if our daughter was alive, hurt, dead, hospitalized, or lost forever due to getting kidnapped for human trafficking.

But, although she was far away from any household assistance, she saw God act in miraculous and extremely individual strategies on her behalf. And I knowledgeable a lot more peace than I had ever recognized through these darkest of days.

She came back house on Mother’s Day 2016, but it was clear that she was nonetheless a prodigal far from God and in her heart, far from us. She sought expert support but her soul was nonetheless in bondage to the enemy and she was profoundly wounded and traumatized. She got married, to the similar fiancé she had left, and eloped two months immediately after coming back from AZ. I had to place dreams to death on a typical basis and my heart would break at each new funeral of a dream, hope and expectation.

Eight months later, she left her husband and came house to reside with us. She was expecting a infant. It was through this time that she realized that she had by no means been a believer and that her life was not about her selfish desires any longer. She knew that she necessary Jesus to survive the anxiety and uncertainty of her pregnancy and broken marriage, raising her infant, and her severe life challenges.

More than the previous two years, our daughter has discovered to adore the Word of God, drinking deeply from its life-providing water. It sustains her every day as she faces a number of life challenges. She also has discovered to adore the physique of Christ and has surrounded herself with a neighborhood of believers with whom she prays and shares what God is undertaking in her life.

She has turn out to be a effective intercessor for other prodigals and young individuals who are struggling as she did.

We have observed an unbelievable life transformation as she has gone from darkness to light, from crippling worry and anxiousness to courage and peace, from despair and hopelessness to hope in Christ and from continuous depression and sadness to a life that is lived joyfully, even in the midst of sorrow and loss.

I have usually wondered about the epilogue of the Lost Son in the Bible. What occurred to the household immediately after the celebration? For us, the ongoing epilogue of our prodigal story is this: A heavenly Father who had compassion on a Mother and Father, certainly on a village of believers, who cried out for their kid and brought her house from the brink of destruction. It is a located kid who walks with her Heavenly Father every day, hand in hand, and whose vision and passion in life is to serve her Redeemer and Savior. She now tells her story of redemption, assisting young individuals who struggle as she did, and raises her lovely infant girl in the adore and worry of the Lord. Our household has also knowledgeable the joy of reconciliation and restoration in our relationships with every other. We celebrate and are glad, since this daughter of ours was dead and is alive once again she was lost and now is located!

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Axa Carnes is initially from Ecuador and has lived in the USA given that 1987. She has been married to Larry for 29 years and they have a 19 year old son and a 22 year old daughter who are each college students, and a delightful 20 month old granddaughter. Axa’s passion and very first spiritual present is teaching. She delights in teaching the Word of God and engaging in prayer. Axa taught higher college Spanish till 2017 when she had to quit teaching due to a catastrophic hemorrhagic stroke. At the moment, she facilitates and teaches a Bible study at her church and is co-launching a Moms in Prayer International group, also at her church. 


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