Energy Healing Re-starts Menstrual Cycle — Secondary Amenorrhea


I’m grateful to have received Victoria’s testimonial.
Lots of people who participated in the 100 healings reported feeling unusual
and uplifting energy sensations prior to the official start of the group
healing. Some experienced immediate pain relief after reading my email to
confirm they were on the list. Others, usually with depression, have commented
on FB it took the full five days to feel uplifted. It’s all a wonderful
On the 24th of November 2018 when I signed up for
Simon’s free 100 Healings I had lost over 30kg (I’m now 55kg) over the previous
10 months and consequently or otherwise I had secondary amenorrhea (no period)
for nearly 100 days. 
I had a doctor’s appointment the following week in
which the results of my blood tests initiated two different doctors to send me
to an endocrinologist. They wanted to check for a pituitary tumour. I have the
brain MRI request form on the fridge still.
In the weeks leading up to the 100 Healings I
continued to lose weight and have the digestive issues which accompanied the
weight loss. 
Then the weekend of the 9th of December my digestive
issues settled and I realised I had felt good for the first time in months.
But a couple of days later I found myself feeling
awful again and strangely homesick. I went to bed thinking I was glad the
healings were starting soon, on the 12th, not realising that the 12th was
tomorrow. That night I dreamt my period returned. 
In the morning it did return, after 118 days. I was
astounded. I checked the dates for the healings and they didn’t start until the
following weekend. I jumped on Facebook and saw that Simon had indicated he had
started the healings early and people had already seen results just from signing
The only thing I had done differently was participate
in the 100 Healings. And then my appetite returned a couple of days later.
Which was something I hadn’t had for many months.
In addition to feeling so much better my intuition has
returned. I’m meditating so much easier, getting clearer guidance myself. During
the times I was able to lie quietly at the designated healing times (not easy
with 2 small children) my entire body was buzzing. 
It’s a magical experience and one I’m so grateful to
have received. 

Simon is a brilliant healer who has generously
offered his time and energy at no cost. It’s a priceless gift. 

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