Duncan on the Camino: Day 28


Duncan on the Camino: Day 28

Duncan Camino 130

Airexe de Legonde to Melide ( 23km)

We climbed over a range of mountains at the weekend which took us west into the province of Galicia. The mountains act like a dividing line in terms of the weather., east and west. We have now moved from the shelter of the mountains in the east, and are open to all the weather which hits the Spanish coast from the Atlantic. Yesterday, heavy snow, today heavy rain with high winds.

After yesterday’s snow, I adjusted tactics in terms of my clothing and put waterproof trousers over my shorts. The last two days have fully justified my decision to take good waterproof clothing.

I mentioned that the Camino from Sarria to Santiago is very popular with people from Spain. The Camino is noticeably busier in these final days. There are large tour groups walking together as well as family groups. Many of these folk are kitted out in the best of clothing and often colour coordinated with each other! It’s also very obvious that many of these groups are not really up for the challenge of walking in the kind of conditions we have experienced over the last 24 hours. Yesterday afternoon, the local taxis were busy picking up pilgrims who had experienced enough of the snow. This morning, while we were having a coffee, a family group came in and asked the cafe owner to call them a taxi! The rain had drained all enthusiasm for the Camino out of them.

But we walk on, and now there are only 50 km to go. Santiago awaits on Friday morning.

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