Drowning – Beth and Jim Herring


Have you been there?

Feeling like you are drowning and there is no one around to see you or save you?

Have you felt the tumultuous waves come crashing down upon you and relentlessly keep pushing you deeper and deeper into the watery abyss?

I’m there.

I’m caught in some merciless undercurrent that is continually pulling me under the mighty water. As soon as I seem to surface, the onslaught of another wave hits me and drags me under.

My hearts cry seems to be unheard by the One I am beckoning to. The desire of my heart for some kind of deliverance from a situation seems to be unnoticed. Ignored.

I’m sinking.

Deeper and deeper I go down. The waters have closed over me.

I’m desperate. I’m at the end of myself.

I need my God to do something miraculous. I’m believing but I’m not seeing. I’m trusting and yet filled with unbelief.

I know it’s not my timing but His…..

So, I keep on praying. Knowing that my God is Sovereign and that He indeed knows all things. I know His ways are not mine. I know His plans are the best. I know He is love and goodness and mercy. I know He wants good things for His children.

So, I look up from beneath the watery grave that threatens me and I simply call His name. Jesus….

And I wait for Him to pour out His Spirit upon me and the whole situation. I wait for Him to fill my emptiness. Calm my despairing heart. And cast out the loneliness that threatens my sanity.

Jesus Christ.

The Anointed One.

The Giver of Life.

The Forgiver of sins.

The Redeemer. Our strength.

The Salvation of us all.

I will keep fighting the waves. Determined to stay faithful. Purposed to keep my eyes on Him. Knowing He is God. Drawing on His strength.

Clinging tightly to Scripture…

Believing. Trusting. Expecting.

“But the LORD is faithful; He will strengthen you…” (2 Thessalonians 3:3)


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