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John: United States

I dreamt that my father and I walked into a small candlelit room with mounted snakes big and small it also had a big statue of a snake near the door. There was a wardrobe near the corner of the room. As my father was looking around fascinated, I felt something wasn’t right; I even said “snakes are evil” which is odd because it’s something I would never have said awake. My father then moves very close to the mounts and starts making hissing noises at snakes for what feels like 30 seconds. During that time the snakes are slightly moving. Then I see him go into the corner sobbing wiping his eyes. As I was about to ask if he was alright. I woke up. I have no clue what this could mean

Junitha: Namibia

I dreamed that I was bitten by a black snake on my right arm, and thus the venom of the snake was slowly moving in my blood vein. Was taken to the hospital and the doctor said, that snake is venomous anyone bitten by it hardly survives, this post a threat in my life as I am wondering what type of dream this is and what it means.

Brian: Zimbabwe

It was night n dark. I saw a big moon in the clouds, and I saw that they were five other moons. I saw a crashing alien ship. The ship had bright light, very bright.  I went to check on the ship and saw a dead snake under the ship.

That was my dream, help me.

Hallie: United States

This was no dream: a man wearing all black and a cape walked to my front door but never knocked. All of a sudden my dog started growling to the point of foaming at the mouth. Then under the door appeared a black snake about 4 ft long and slithered across the living room and under my TV. I was screaming for my parents, and they came running from their bedroom, and my dad lifted up the TV, and there was nothing there. I did not do any drugs, and my dog also witnessed it.  What was this?

Elizabeth: South Africa

I dreamt I was on vacation in the bush-veld with my sister, brother in law and my brother. Snakes kept on appearing, but we ignored them. Then a huge green snake ambushed us, it bit my brother in law in the face, but nothing happened to him, it was only painful. My brother pulled it off my brother in law’s face, it then bit my brother on his hand, my brother then asked me to remover it from his hand. He told me not be worried it was a masked snake and not poisonous. I then took hold of it behind its head, and there was no bone between his head and the rest of its body, it tried to bite but failed. He didn’t even try and coil itself around me. I was scared of handling it and afraid it will bite me, but it didn’t. Before I could kill it, I willed myself awake because I knew I was dreaming.

Nondzukisoy: South Africa 

Last night I had a dream I was at my grandmother’s house from my father’s side where we used to live.  I was going to fetch a pen because we were going to write exams, mind you I’m currently writing my exams, as I opened the drawer of the cupboard there was a snake there so I just closed it. As I’m about to leave a big black snake appears then my mother and my little sister also appear and they are scared, I started praying then the snake disappeared. I’m still shaken by that dream I don’t know why.

Richard: Cambodia

A beautiful island in the sky
Two snakes one in either side
One scurried off when I prayed
The other had a very very angry face
God said don’t worry I will protect you

Suzanne: United States

My boyfriend had a dream we were living in our place without our kids, and I was sleeping on the couch with a gold crown with a serpent on it. I woke up and asked him to make me something to eat, and he went into the kitchen and came back with one piece of bread on a plate.

Denise: United States

I had a dream of worms on table 3 of them they were big gray and white light color The got pushed off then I look and they were snakes one babysitting wrapped around the back of the chair looking at me i was close to that one the other 2 were in the distance looking at me too they were big.. What is the meaning never did I dream of snakes before

Melinda: United States

I had a dream that a cobra was almost like kissing my feet. It was like gnawing on my feet, but it had no fangs (teeth), and it did not hurt. 

Shoba: India

I had a dream targeting me to bite and bit me three times and last we crushed the snake in stone where it was bleeding. Can you please explain the dream, please.

Elbe: Canada

Hi, I had a dream of snakes all over my body, and they were kissing me, and one of them had a head with a beard, and it kisses me till I woke up from the dream.

Tiffany: United States

I dreamed I was in moving water and a red, black, and white snake bit me on my foot.  I looked at my foot and seen two fang marks, Then I was walking to a bus to get help, and people are passing me, and there is a man behind me, but I can’t see his face. Once I get to the bus, it’s full of people, and there is no room. The bus leaves and the man are still with me telling me how to take care of the snake bite. It was like he was helping me, but I don’t remember the rest. Please help me try and understand what this means.

Sibi: United Arab Emirates


I had a dream of a black snake going inside our home and coiling around my sister in law as she was standing in the hall.l

Roslyn: United States

Dreamed a snake bit me on My ankle but did not feel any pain then looked on the floor to get up and saw green arrows pointed from my bed to the bedroom door. Then snakes surrounded my bed as I laid back into bed. The day before dreamed of a snake crawling into my room and just watched me as I watched it. What could this mean?

Tikia: United States

I dreamed of a white snake with wire gold symbols on top of it. I was laying on the bed with my baby sister laughing and talking. She has been dead since 1996. All of a sudden this white snake with gold symbols on top of it jumped on my sister to attack her and bit her. She could not fight back she had a muscle disease. I hurried up and grab the snake before it could do what it set out to do to her. The thing is when I grabbed it. It did all it could do to bit me. I had graved it midway of its body. It still could not bite me. I was seeing that and wondering why the snake could not bite me. It looked at me with evil intent. It still could not bite me.

Carmen: South Africa

In my dream, we are at my parents home, and an albino snake is trying to talk to me, but I don’t want to listen, I keep going into my sister’s bedroom. My husband is also trying to convince me to listen, but I don’t want to hear anything. The snake’s behavior is like an ex that wants forgiveness. I ignore it and get into the shower. My husband tries to open the door, but I locked it luckily.

Olefileklaas: Botswana

I was in a boat with a lot of people I don’t even know then suddenly we got attacked by whiling winds, sea snakes saying its Illuminate which struck at people in the boat, I found my self-standing alone in the boat with no one to help me. Within a second I looked back, an found a man with Crown Of Thorn on His Head, and I knew it was Jesus Christ starring at me. I started loudly shouting in the Name of Jesus, and the sea calmed and those evil snakes vanished. Lastly I stretched my hand at all those who were struck by snakes, and they were restored.

Melinda: Australia

I dreamt I was laying in bed and my sister was asleep next to me and her back to me, I woke, and an orange and black snake was sitting on my lower arm. I took it off, but it was very sticky to get off.. almost like it had been glued on… wearily by the head…It had no teeth, and I threw it out the front door into some long grass next to the steps at the front of the house.

The next thing I remember is that the snake was on the floor of the bedroom among some shopping bags, it’s tail was moving back and forward in the air. I looked down, and it had turned into a Lizard. I felt a little fearful in the dream and confused. When I had grabbed the head of the snake, I didn’t feel fearful. The removing of the snake from my arm was painful to remove. Thanks for your help

Lindiwe: South Africa 

In my dream I saw about four snakes, one was on the roof and the others on the ground but they looked tired. I was so scared I asked someone else to kill them with a spade, and after he killed the snakes he threw them at me, then I woke up. What does it mean?

Mary: United States 

I saw a vision of a lavender snake

Okuhle: South Africa

Hi! In my dream, I was with my friends in a room filled with water. A crocodile was also in the water and was chasing us, but could not reach us….

Meanwhile, someone who had been watching us all along disappeared but came back with a snake and sent it into the water where we were. 

The snake came toward us, and I started panicking. I got out of the water and jumped out the window. Then I stopped a taxi to get me home. In the taxi, I began spitting something out in my mouth, and the driver started to kick me out. Can you plz explain the meaning of this dream.

Nelly: South Africa

I dreamt that I was holding a necklace with Jesus on the cross. I looked closely and saw a tiny snake on the cross, and I said, ‘oh no’ and dropped the necklace, then I woke up. What does my dream mean??

Rickey: United States

I dreamed that two snakes came in our church. We prayed, and killed them,  what does it mean?

More: South Africa

Was at my aunt’s house sleeping in the seating room. There was a hole filled with blue water, and there was a black and white snake in that water. 

I woke up went and looked for my daughter. Before I walked out, I opened the windows to allow the water to come out of the pool so that the snake could die.

I found my daughter, and we went back to my aunt’s house. 

On our way back I saw the snake coming towards us, but it was tired like it was about to die. I took my daughter and went another way to my aunt’s house. 

When we approached the yard, I saw the snake at my neighbor’s house, watching as if it was still following me. I got into the house closed the doors and windows tightly so it could not come in again.

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