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David: Nigeria

I dreamt that my pal was burning my green shoe and I rushed to place it out.

Sellinah: South Africa

I dreamed about the planet becoming pieces, burning, and individuals had been on fire every thing was on fire but I and the angel we did not even really feel the heat.

Ojong: Cameroon

I had a dream in which I saw my inner put on on fire even though it was on me but I received no fire burns, and there was no fire supply about me. So I removed the inner put on and quenched off the fire.

I genuinely want to know what the Lord was displaying me in this dream.

Kyasjh: United States

I had a dream that I was functioning an occasion with a former co-worker. She was arguing with 1 of the attendees and kicked him out of the celebration. I had a feeling he would come back and do some thing poor. I saw her stroll to the back of the club and he followed her moments later and set the constructing on fire. When I saw him with the torch, took the elevator down to the very first floor and left., and the entire time, I was leaving I kept saying Jesus saved me he generally saves me. I was genuinely excited in my dream. Satisfied to be alive and satisfied not to have to operate with her or operate with the business any longer

It may well not imply something, but for some explanation, it is the only dream I remembered in so lengthy.

Rowaenn: Pakistan

I saw a substantial sea wave with some fire on leading of it in my vision through prayer. Just want to know its which means.

Wayne: South Africa

I had a vision about a sea of fire like a Somani.

Radeana: United States

I dreamed I set my property on fire on goal. I place a curtain more than a candle and left. When I returned, the entire inside was burnt up, and I was so satisfied. Subsequent, I named my insurance coverage business, and they gave me two huge checks. Then, I saw myself in this large lovely dwelling walking about in it, and I was so satisfied, and it ended.

V: United States

I had a dream about blazing fire flow out of my eyes and my mouth.  And a blazing fire tornado standing behind me.  The fire did not harm me in any way. I was in awe of the intense red golden flame with wind and energy about me.  I felt peaceful and just amazed at the blazing fire, the beauty and magnitude of the tornado fire into the sky.  

I prayed prior to sleep to ask God to confirm or discern the dream the evening prior to He showed me.  I was praying if I should really attend the College of Seers and if this is His will.  The evening prior to, in my dream, I sensed that I would spend a smaller quantity to attend the class with will equip me in lots of places. Then the subsequent evening, I saw a blazing flame come out of my eyes and mouth.

Yasodhara: United Kingdom

I had a dream fire in the sky. Incredibly effective like a tornado. There had been vibrant lights illumination going in circles. It was lovely. What is the which means?

Tiffany: United States

I had a dream about walking downstairs in a burning property exactly where a storm was and in the sky lot of birds had been flying more than my head east and then down into the ground.  I was attempting to go about the corner exactly where they had been, but additional began coming more rapidly and more rapidly it was so lots of I went back upstairs.  This time it was additional fire in the property, but absolutely everyone upstairs was protected and sitting about holding each and every other.  I asked my mom for my two-year-old daughter, and she had her rocking her that is all I try to remember.

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Dreams About Fire


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