Dear Ones,

It’s been awhile! We got an email last week asking us if we’d fallen down the rabbit hole. Our answer: yes!

We’ve been on quite a journey, which has taken us down roads we never expected to go, pushing us up the ladder of initiation, testing us, transforming us, and ultimately changing and expanding what we thought our lives and work would be.

It started back in July, when Jill’s son started experiencing strange and troubling symptoms “out of the blue”. We saw very quickly that he was being taken through major purification to catch up to where we were. In response to his crisis, we also would be being tested, strengthened and purified. We saw that all of this was to help all three of us go to a higher level together, and would ultimately help us learn in order to help other twin flames going through their own tests and challenges more fully.

In spiritual terms — it was all good — but the 3D was another story! Before we knew it, we were down the rabbit hole of a world of parent/stepparent with a child going through a severe difficulty. Everything changed for us — our upcoming plans, where we had planned to live — all of our carefully constructed dreams came crashing down.

While we were grieving, we were also clear: we were in the midst of an orchestrated initiation/mastery test. While essential in the path of ascension and union, these tests are never “fun.” They can take many forms, but often come in the form of a major 3D challenge, as we were going through.

Since we are way showers and mapmakers, we’re also twin flame guinea pigs — we knew we were being taken through it not only for our own growth, but so we can help create a broader template — and this level was new for us.

Though we might not have the map of this experience fully complete yet, we know what it did for us so far. It helped us heal a split between twin flame union and and the family template (divine mother/divine father) that both of us have struggled with greatly, and tested our union at higher levels of “fires and purification.”

Our higher selves were asking: Can you hold together as a twin flame pair up here, with all of this challenge going on? Will you do what you did before, or can you do it differently now?

Where we fell apart before, we stood strong now.

To get through it, we HAD to come together as divine parents. Remi had to step into the role of “divine father” for Jill’s kids and embrace Jill’s “divine mother” — a role he had resisted before. And Jill had to be fully present mother and twin flame partner both — which she has struggled with. In this situation, we merged our twin flame selves with our divine mother and father — more union within us and between us. Ahhhh! What a major relief.

And now, we’re much more able to help twin flames to heal more broadly, not only for the individuals and the twin couple, but also in relation to the parenting aspect that can be so challenging for so many twin flames — how to come together more fully when there are children in the mix.

It requires very deep healing for both twin flames in relation to both their inner divine mother and father, healing for their inner child in relation to the parenting they got (this and other lifetimes), and transforming of the broader collective energy (family, ancestry and collective consciousness) we all carry.

This is not just about parenting — it’s about taking the challenges and mystery thrown at us by the Universe, and rather than try to hold onto the old and pretend we’re solid and stable at all times, to dive into the mysteries and “falling apart” for a time — knowing it is taking us to a new level, with ultimately more to give.

And this is one of the main reasons we share ourselves with you — so you can see our struggles and how we resolve them, what we learn, and what we do with all of this — to help you do the same with your own challenges and lives, as individuals and twin flames.

To share the riches of our learning and growth with you, we’re inviting you all to join us for some upcoming events:

We are offering a free call where we will be sharing some of our learning with you, doing healing work for everyone on the call, and introducing a new phase of our work, on Wednesday, November 8, at 11 am. The link to register is here:

Twin Flame Free Call

Beginning on November 11, we are offering four new transformational webinars on topics we have found crucial to helping our own union — focusing on the twin flame dance within us and between us. You can join us for any single webinar, or get the whole series at a discount.

Here’s the series:

11/11: Dancing With Your Twin Flame: Hidden Selves

11/18: Dancing With Your Twin Flame: Communication

12/2: Dancing With Your Twin Flame: Reconnecting After Separation

12/9: Dancing With Your Twin Flame: The Goddess Within

Details and registration can be found here: Dancing With Your Twin Flame.

If this inspires you, join us! We look very much forward to sharing with you what we’ve learned in our own journey, and helping you in yours.

To your transformation and union, with all our love,

Jill & Remi