Card of the Day – 15 August: Maven of Masks


Maven of Masks


Today’s card is MAVEN OF MASKS from the Divine Circus Oracle by Alana Fairchild.

This card asks: Who do you want to be? Attempt that self on for size! You may well just uncover an additional genuine you, beyond your identified identity. The Maven of Masks tells you, “Act as you want to be, and so you shall be!”

Have you ever felt the liberation of feeling like a various individual when on vacation, travelling in an additional portion of the planet or stepping into a planet exactly where folks do not know you? The masks have come off and you get to pick out who you are going to be. You may well really feel unfamiliar methods of getting-much more assertiveness, much more self-assurance, much more vulnerability, much more feminine or masculine power all increasing up from inside you. These methods of getting may well not appear like you, not the you that you have believed your self to be, but just mainly because they are various, new, unfamiliar, does not also make them inauthentic. Very the opposite! The Maven of Masks card comes to you when it is time to attempt on an additional character for size, to see how a lot of it ends up getting authentically you, just a newly found you, but correct nonetheless.

Have you heard the expression, fake it till you make it’? Some folks do not like this concept. They really feel it is not genuine. It depends how you use the concept to your benefit. There is a distinction in between pretending to be a person or one thing you are not, and experimenting, exploring, expressing a self you know is inside you, but are however to totally realise your self to be. In truth, we have the complete universe inside us. If you want to uncover new qualities in you, you are going to have to begin someplace. Think, initially of all, that you have undiscovered depths and diversity in you. Second, you have to play not play-acting, but playing. What is it like to show up for life as if you currently have all the courage and sass you lengthy for?

I’ve integrated a beautiful pyrite egg nowadays. Pyrite a quite optimistic stone. It overcomes inertia and feelings of inadequacy. It facilitates tapping into skills and prospective, stimulating the flow of concepts. Psychologically. Pyrite relieves anxiousness and aggravation and boosts self worth and self-assurance.

Have a magical day! &#x1f52e&#x2728&#x1f31f


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