BF (M, 32) has turn into obsessed with Muay Thai not too long ago. Nowadays he stated I (F, 33) couldn’t come to his coaching. I consider it could be the finish of us. : relationships


So my boyfriend of two years not too long ago became majorly obsessed with Muay Thai, like trains twice a day, each and every day obsessed. It tends to make him truly satisfied, he appears hot af- super ripped (lol) and it is definitely really very good for his fitness and well being. In spite of not seeing him as substantially as I’d like and feeling a bit neglected as a outcome of that, I do help it. I study other tips posts on Reddit about girlfriends complaining about their bfs not spending time with them since of coaching/ becoming worried about the violence danger/aspect of the sport, which I also am to be truthful. All the tips stated to ask to go along to coaching. So I did, a couple of mins ago and he stated and I quote “Oh I’ll just go to your health club instead” like fundamentally saying no you are not invited. And then I was like “Eh what?” (We had talked about me going just before) And he stated suitable away “There’s also lots of hot girls there”. I was the like WTF

He later claimed it was a joke. Like Ha ha?! Not. Now I’m salty af about all the time he spent away from me there now cos I consider it just has to be a weird Freudian slip that he went straight for all the hot girls becoming there. Does that sound suspicious to you guys?

Also fucking fuming at the also lots of hot girls as if I am not a hot girl. I really feel like your boyfriend really should consider you are a hot girl, you know. Is that just madness or do I have a point?

Most of all I’m hurt he fundamentally does not want to share the most vital point at present in his planet with me. I seriously consider this could be the finish of us. I’ve felt bottom of his priority list for a whilst now and this just confirms it.

Am I overreacting? Or is this as undesirable as I really feel it is? It feels sort of terminal to me. Any recommendations or something would be appreciated.


TLDR: If you do not want to share your passions with an individual you in all probability do not really like them! Legit or ridiculous? You choose


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