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Current events have confirmed that I trust the incorrect persons, I have a lifelong habit of ignoring red flags in people’s behaviour and I think persons who claim to care – but do not.

I will never ever repeat these patterns again…………. mainly because I will never ever speak to any one about my trauma and never ever trust any one once again.

I’ve attempted.

I’ve attempted to trust persons who are meant to be trustworthy.

I’m as well ill to maintain becoming hurt. To maintain becoming let down. To maintain possessing persons fail me when I truly require assistance the most. 

If you never ever speak to any one about your trauma – they can not use it to harm you.

If you never ever trust any one – they can not let you down.

Not suggestions I think is for absolutely everyone.

But, for me….. it is required.

I clearly can not come across the appropriate persons to trust, and I am as well ill and as well broken to ever attempt once again.

I am so broken down, I worry I will never ever recover.

My well being is deteriorating week by week and my life problems continue to worsen.

I am beyond broken.





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Author: Healing From Complicated Trauma &amp PTSD/CPTSD

I am a survivor of complicated and several trauma and abuse, who at the age of 40, started my healing journey.
I am working with my journey to recovery and healing, to assistance other people, to assistance survivors really feel much less alone, validated, encouraged and to allow other people to recognize themselves extra.
Complicated trauma, especially from serious, prolonged childhood abuse, is profoundly life altering.
Complicated trauma produces complicated adults.
The journey to recovery is a painful, generally lonely, emotional day-to-day challenge and it is my aim to encourage other people in their day-to-day battle.
~ Lilly Hope Lucario


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