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by Christine Sine

I am receiving prepared for the Inhabit conference this weekend. I am seeking forward to seeing pals and creating new ones. I am also seeking forward to my workshop on awe and wonder. Some of it is familiar, the awe and wonder we anticipate when we get out into the beauty of nature.  But I will also speak about a diverse form of awe and wonder. Numerous of the participants of this conference function with the houseless, the unemployed and the functioning poor. They struggle to make ends meet in difficult scenarios. Nature has tiny spot in their environments but there is nonetheless substantially to inspire us with awe.

How do we open ourselves to the awe and wonder of urban neighborhoods and houseless settlements below the freeway? Once again Father Greg Boyle aids us get the appropriate viewpoint.

Standing in the margins with the broken reminds us not of our won superiority but of our personal brokenness. Awe is the terrific leveler. The embrace of our personal suffering aids us land on a spiritual intimacy with ourselves and other people. For if we do not welcome our personal wounds we will be tempted to despise the wounded.

Initially we will need to slow down and take notice. Most of us hurry by means of our neighborhoods, intent on exactly where we are going rather than exactly where we are. Slowing down and providing ourselves permission to savor almost everything we see, hear and touch is an critical step towards appreciating its awe. All of a sudden we notice the gardens in a broken pavement and the beauty of dandelions in an abandoned lot. Then our eyes shift to the faces of strangers who pass us in the street. They also make us gasp in awe as we catch glimpses of the image of God in them.

Second we will need to make space for silence. We do not just hurry by means of life, we also go noisily by means of life, frequently creating noise or listening to it. Taking time to enter the silence in which God can speak to us about exactly where we reside and what we will need to take notice of is really hard, but needed if we truly want to see our surroundings as God does.

Third we will need to take notice of the smaller and attractive points. Awe can be triggered by an unexpected smile, a assisting hand on the bus, graffiti on the wall. Providing ourselves permission to notice these points is a uncommon and valuable present.

Mural Beacon NY

Fourth we must seek out what offers us goosebumps. I not too long ago walked about the township of Beacon New York. It is exactly where Tom’s loved ones reside and I have generally enjoyed walking the streets. On the other hand what I most appear forward to are the murals – from the well-known “man with no face” to the mermaid/Hudson River image, their beauty and the story they inform in no way ceases to inspire me. This year there have been some new ones that caught my consideration and filled me with awe.

Fifth see the globe differently. Stroll about your neighborhood with a houseless individual, with a person from a further culture or with a youngster. They will notice points you in no way see and have perspectives pretty diverse from your personal. They will open your eyes to marvel at elements of your neighborhood that you take for granted.

I encourage you to take time this week to enter into the awe not just of God’s designed globe but of the communities in which you reside as nicely. Take your camera and a companion with you. What do you notice? What inspires you? Take time to journal about your responses.


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