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hammock smallI’ve normally discovered that it is effortless to reside in the previous or the future, but not so effortless to reside in the present.

Some individuals are consistently reliving “the superior old days” – that time they produced the game winning play or starred in the college musical.  Other individuals are stuck in a not so rosy previous – remembering the job they lost or the tragic death of a loved 1.

Searching to the future can reduce each approaches as nicely.  It is enjoyable to visualize getting the dwelling of your dreams or the tropical paradise to which you hope to retire.  But we can also get caught up in be concerned.  What if I do not get that promotion?  What if get cancer like my mother?

The truth of the matter is God does not want us to reside in the previous or the future.  He desires us to reside every single day with Him, in the present. There’s no denying that our previous experiences, superior or negative, influence who we are now. But God is outdoors of time, and scripture tells us that He is the similar “yesterday, now and forever.” (Hebrews 13:eight)  So whilst He can heal our previous wounds and be trusted to hold our future, he desires to be with us now.

He desires to really like us correct exactly where we are, and He desires us to really like other individuals correct exactly where they are. If we commit all our time living in the previous or the future, we will miss out on the blessings he has for us now, and we may possibly miss out on the chance to be a blessing to other individuals.

If we concentrate on the “what ifs” of life, we may possibly be wasting time worrying about anything that will in no way take place, or we may possibly be subjecting ourselves to repeatedly reliving these issues that hurt us in the previous that we want we could transform. God does not want that for us. Matthew six:34 tells us “tomorrow will be concerned about itself.” God desires us to reside cost-free from be concerned and worry mainly because He knows that be concerned and worry are thieves. They steal our joy, our peace and our capacity to practical experience what God is undertaking correct now.

The superior news is we do not have to wait till some future time to start to practical experience the Kingdom. God tends to make it out there to us now! Will you trust Him with your previous and future, so you can be cost-free to step into His Kingdom and practical experience all that he has for you now?

–Shay Mason


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