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“Some think Krishna to be God. It is not. God is every little thing. Krishna represents the inherent perfection present inside every little thing. It is the spiritual fire of creation the purity that seeks to emerge from inside.” – Etienne Charland

As I was reading Bhagavad Gita, I came up to this realization: Krishna has a fiery power and is an aspect of God, and come about to have the exact same which means as Christ consciousness, each of which sound like Crystal Consciousness.

This bring a deeper understanding of Bhagavad Gita, but also raises some concerns as to the partnership in between God (every little thing) and Khrisna/Christ (creation) — concerns that are in no way getting asked. Metatron is actually great with words and translations so I hired him as my secretary. I asked him to appear for a book on the subject and he discovered this one particular.

The Father, Kid and Creation: An Overview of Cosmic Forces that Govern Our Planet

Written by me in a distant previous life exactly where I incarnated as a priest in a smaller sized Orion planet. Summarized, translated and transmitted by Metatron.

There are lots of laws that regulate the Universe and all types of creation all through the numerous constellations. The most widespread law is gravity, exactly where masses attract every other to type a synergistic partnership. The particles of matter that fall below gravity relationships get their path from the higher mass, and no matter if they want it or not, their path gets set by the higher object.

The life of a spirit is not quite unique. Every individual has their intents, and every intent has a magnetic or gravitational pull to it. You mentally navigate via a gravitational maze of intents that pull you into all sorts of directions, and hence, it becomes even extra essential to create the mass of your personal spirit to be significantly less impacted by the eternal sea of mental chaos that surrounds you.

Of the gravitational objects in the mental realms, there is one particular that surpasses all other folks in its pull, strength and purity: the divine light of creation. No one can define it, no one can touch it, however it impacts each and every single atom in the Universe. It lurks dormant inside each and every atom, waiting to bloom like a flower. It is the cosmic force that brings development to all. Adhere to it and you will see miracles. Surrender to it and you will be enlightened. Oppose it and you will be destroyed. There is no higher force in the Universe.

So what is this light that permeates all issues? It is the divine essence of God that seeks continual expansion. It is the basic fabric of all consciousness, all life and every little thing that exists in the Universe, each in physical and energetic types.

God IS every little thing and this force of creation, let’s get in touch with it Christ, is IN every little thing. That is an essential distinction. What is then the partnership in between God and Christ? It is quite straightforward. Let’s come back to gravity. God is the force of inertia that keeps an object steady. Christ is the force that pulls the object forward. As counter-intuitive as it sounds, an object or an thought is not held with each other via gravity. It is held with each other trough inertia, which is why an thought, after formed, is really hard to modify or alter. God is the force of inertia that keeps every little thing as it is, what permits every little thing to preserve its existence. Christ is the force of gravity that creates movement towards development.  God is the passive force. Christ is the active force. Got it?

Then remains the query of the spot of the soul inside the higher scheme. Several mistakenly think they are separate person entities. Several other folks mistakenly think they are all one particular. Each are equally incorrect and delusional. So what are we?

The ages-old query, what are we, or who am I, is basically quite straightforward to answer after you have an precise understanding of the structures of creation. You are a kid of God, a exceptional soul gifted with supernatural powers to build and alter your atmosphere to your will. You are one particular with the cosmos, however separate from every little thing. You hold the energy to build in accordance to Christ, and you also hold the energy to build against it. You hold the energy to give life, and the energy to kill. You hold the energy to develop, and you hold the energy to degenerate. You clearly have your personal cost-free will that is separate from God and separate from Christ.

So then the query is: what is the nature of your partnership with God and Christ? When once more, the answer is quite straightforward. God is your force of inertia, what keeps you with each other as a living getting. Christ is your supply of light, your supply of energy to propel you forward. Devoid of God, you die, without the need of Christ, you degenerate. Fortunately, due to the fact God is every little thing, you can’t disconnect from it in any way, shape or type. As for the divine light, you thrive to the extent you embody it. It is your supply of fuel. If you have a pure fuel supply, you will propel to the stars. If you have a corrupt or mixed fuel supply, you will develop sideways. If you have a dark or deeply disturbed fuel supply, you will develop into a cancer for oneself and for society.

You are a kid of God. You include the entire Universe inside oneself, each in a metaphorical way and in a physical way. Just like the seed includes the entire tree, the soul includes the entire Universe. If you want to travel the astral planes into a unique galaxy, you do so by passing via the gateway inside.

Christ is a magnetic force that guides all of creation though also leaving space for creation to experiment on its personal. Just like a father will let his son understand from his personal blunders though nonetheless hunting more than him. In the most straightforward terms, you are a kid of God and are guided by the divine light, just like all life is drawn to the sun.

What about corrupt societies, these who have selected to turn against Christ? What about these who have selected to serve the Dracos? What about the Dracos and demons themselves? When once more, the answer is utterly straightforward. They are a aspect of creation, and hence hold the precise exact same partnership with God, and are governed by the precise exact same laws. The distinction is that they have selected to physical exercise their cost-free will to steer away from the divine light and discover other types of creation. In the finish, the light generally prevail, and just like every little thing, they ought to go via their personal understanding experiences and face the karmic consequences of their actions.

Query from Etienne: When carrying out Soul Alignment Readings, the alignment of actions with God would be extra accurately defined as the alignment with Christ. What about the alignment of getting, is it the alignment with God? You mentioned the partnership with God is specifically the exact same for every person.

Metatron: The alignment of getting represents the level of alignment with one’s innate essence. It represents one’s level of connection with oneness. Inside God, which represents every little thing, you will come across however a third element: the sea of oneness. God is beyond time and space, and this sea of oneness is aspect of creation. Alignment of getting is hence the alignment with stillness or oneness.

Here’s an illustration displaying the a variety of structures of the course of action of creation of life and of the Universe.

Note: The Tao refers to God (sea of nothingness) though Krishna refers to Christ (supply of all creation) — which are quite distinct, each of which are mentioned to be all there is.

Accuracy verify: 99.99978% (without the need of “You clearly have your personal cost-free will that is separate from God”, 100% accuracy)

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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