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This Sunday was the 1st Sunday of Advent. Sadly the audio recording of this weekend’s message was lost. Beneath is a summarized version.

Jesus told his followers to watch and pray for his return. Advent reminds us to do just that. It is a season of longing for Jesus to come back and place an finish to injustice, hatred, sin and worry. Our prayer is like that of the prophet Isaiah, “O that you would tear open the heavens and come down!” In this text we find out to wait by remembering our previous (vv. two-three), by confessing our sin in the present (vv. four-six), and by anticipating our glorious future (vv. 17-18).

I. The Previous

The prayer asks for a visible show of decisive energy that will impress Israel’s enemies. It remembers the events of the previous, exactly where God came down to rescue His men and women from slavery and when God came down on Mount Sinai to establish his men and women inside a covenant of everlasting appreciate and protection.

The Bible presents us with a God who gets angry.

Isaiah was written to a nation in exile. Individuals facing tremendous injustice. Their capital city, Jerusalem, has been torn down. Their personal young children slaughtered. So in verses 1–3 they’re asking God to come down and judge the injustice.

In order to reside with hope, you require a God who gets angry adequate at sin and evil and injustice to do one thing about it!

II. The Present

The issue is what would come about if God genuinely had been to come down with justice? Israel’s wicked oppressors would be destroyed, yes. But in verses four-six, Israel starts to recognize its personal sin. They commence to recognize that they are just as guilty as their enemies.

Israel has been unfaithful, disobedient and impure. Even their finest obedience is unacceptable (v. six). Israel as a nation has walked away from God’s appreciate and protection. Hence, Israel is left open and vulnerable to the world’s destruction.

Israel starts to recognize that they require not only a God of justice, but a God of mercy.

III. The Future

In verses eight-9 God is characterized as each a father and an artist. This reality does not imply that God does not get angry. Father’s get angry when their young children are destroying themselves. Artists get angry when their artwork is misrepresented or destroyed. In reality it is due to the fact he’s a loving father and due to the fact he’s a committed artist that his anger is justified. God’s appreciate is the trigger of his anger.

The opposite of appreciate is not anger. The opposite of appreciate is hate. And the ultimate hate is indifference. The ultimate hate is not to care.

Advent is the season that we keep in mind how substantially God cares and that He has intervened in the most unimaginable way achievable. God came not only to forgive, but to set all items correct once more. Not only to pardon our sin, but to restore all of His creation. Not only to clear our undesirable record, but to welcome us property as his young children.

God’s salvation is completely extensive.

Why? For the reason that sin is not merely law-breaking behavior, it is a fatal illness. It is rooted substantially deeper than just our outward behavior. Sin is a sickness of the soul that tends to make us topic to futility and death. Which is why God comes not as a punishing judge, but as the Good doctor. The 1 who would heal our brokenness and rescue us from the curse of death.

Sin is not just a series of blunders we make. It is an complete dominion of darkness. The function of the cross was about God’s energy (appreciate) dethroning the cruel, illegitimate, energy of Satan. Now all who are aligned with his rule, all who are “in Christ”, are saved due to the fact he is victorious!

So this Advent we can pray with self-assurance, “O that you would tear open the heavens and come down.” For the reason that we know he has currently come when to bear our sin himself, so that when he returns he can utterly destroy all wickedness, evil and injustice without having destroying us.

“Behold, I will develop new heavens and a new earth. The former items will not be remembered, nor will they come to thoughts. But be glad and rejoice forever in what I will develop, for I will develop Jerusalem to be a delight and its men and women to be a joy.” – Isaiah 65:17-18


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