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This post is primarily based on Week Eight of An Ignatian Prayer Adventure.

Dear Jesus,

For the previous eight weeks, we’ve been walking with each other in a specific way. We’ve been taking the time to get to know 1 yet another additional deeply, delving into the heart and soul of who I am and who you are. In my want to get to know you greater and to draw closer to God, I have been reminded of how loved and cherished I am, that I am a beloved daughter of God. God delights in me, in other individuals, and in all of creation. Pondering this once again, my heart is filled with joy!

I’m deeply conscious of my sinfulness and selfishness, and of my humanity, and I want to draw closer to you. I want to open myself up to God’s grace and mercy. Come, Holy Spirit, transform my really hard heart. It is my heart’s want that I can be a living sign of God’s like and mercy in the globe.

Jesus, you have shown me how to do this concretely, in the lots of approaches you interacted and created your self present to these closest to you. In teaching, you shared your wisdom and information in the synagogue, on the mountain, and in the public square. You visited Simon Peter’s mother-in-law, who was sick with fever, and held her hand. In so performing, you helped her up and healed her. Your touch also brought healing to the blind man and to other individuals suffering with leprosy. When the lady who had been bleeding for years touched you, she was healed. You entered the house of outcasts and shared a meal with the tax collector Zacchaeus. You welcomed small young children, putting your hands on them and blessing them. You prayed.

You questioned these in authority and remained correct to your self and to your get in touch with. You challenged these who would inflict harm disguised as an act of justice as a lady faced becoming stoned to death, you drew a line in the sand and challenged any man who was devoid of sin to throw the 1st stone. They all walked away. What strength you showed! What tenderness and compassion!

Jesus, I have been so inspired and moved by you—by who you are and by what you did in the course of your days on earth. Your Resurrection, although a mystery, assures me that death does not have the final say and that I can location my hope and trust in you. It is this Fantastic News that I’m known as to share with other individuals.

I pray that I can be a concrete sign of your like wherever I am, with whomever I’m with. When I stop by my elderly neighbor to share a cup of tea and conversation, you are with us, Jesus. When I tenderly embrace a grieving pal or a youngster who says he has “a sore heart” (which essentially occurred the other day), you are there with us, Jesus. When I take the time to drop off meals, blankets, clothes, and other things to my regional parish or chance shop, I am answering your get in touch with to have a tendency to the poor. In today’s globe, generating eye get in touch with and sharing a smile with an individual on the train or bus could be just what that individual needs—an acknowledgement of becoming noticed.

Jesus, you are with me in my heart, and in anything and everybody about me. May well this excellent treasure—held deep in my heart—be joyfully and freely shared with all I encounter, specifically these who have to have it most. This is a wonderful present that I can supply the globe!


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