5 Dating And Partnership Resolutions


Presently, I have 5 dating and partnership resolutions.  I may well add much more later.  These are the ones that are most essential for me ideal now.

  1. Be much more present.  I can not alter the previous and I can not predict the future.  Why waste time and power pondering about either 1?
  2. Accept items as they are, not how I consider they must be or how I’d like them to be
  3. Cease providing guys the advantage of the doubt and cancel when I have a sneaking suspicion the date will be terrible.  I can not try to remember a time exactly where I wanted to cancel, went, and it turned out to be wonderful.  (If
    you study Blink by Malcolm Gladwell, he essentially says you come to be an
    professional at a thing after you do it for more than 10,000 hours.  I know I’ve had
    much more than 10,000 hours of going on dates, analyzing texts, emails, and conversations, and speaking about males, dating, and relationships.)
  4. Treat a guy with the utmost level of irrelevancy till he provides me motives to make him relevant in my life.  I will not devote much more than 1 minute speaking about guys with my close friends just before or soon after a date.  I will not play the “what if” game.  I will not let guys who never get the hint annoy me.  Et al.
  5. Not take items on my calendar so seriously.  For instance, 1 of my girlfriends keeps asking me to lunch and rescheduling. 
    Going forward, I will leave it penciled in on my calendar, but if that day and time rolls about and I’d rather do a thing else, I am canceling and performing that a thing else


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