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Are you a guest or a member? Why Membership Matters

In 1994, I was a senior in college and spent my final semester living in Spain as an exchange student.  It was a difficult, but enriching expertise.  Now, you have got to understand this was in a time prior to mobile phones, world wide web, Facebook, ipads, and FaceTime. I was in Europe for 4 months, and for the duration of that time, I almost certainly got to speak to my family members in the U.S. about four instances  for a handful of, short minutes due to the fact extended distance calls have been so highly-priced!

My purpose was to grow to be fluent in Spanish, so I lived with a Spanish family members whilst attending classes at the neighborhood university.  The family members was a single mother in her fifties and her 3 sons who have been 20, 18, and 13 years old.  There was 1 other American exchange student living there also.  In all, there have been six of us living in modest 3 bedroom apartment with 1 bathroom.  Additionally, the family members was permitted to only speak to us in Spanish.

Just about every morning for 4 months, my Spanish “mother” would serve me a piece of toast with butter and jelly on it and some immediate coffee (that was extra milk than coffee).  She was the only 1 up in the morning, and we would have a extremely short conversation collectively.  Lunch was at two pm each day, and their family members would collect about the Television to consume lunch with extremely small conversation.  

Just about every evening, my Spanish “mother” would go out to consume and drink on the town, as would her sons.  She would leave me and the other American exchange student to consume a cold sandwich.  I believed this was just the way Spaniards did points.  When I talked to the other exchange students at my college, they have been getting a way various expertise!  The other students told me of the excellent meals and conversations they had with their host households.  They have been welcomed and incorporated in the family members.

Even even though I was living with a family members, consuming lunch with them each day, and living below 1 roof, I was never ever genuinely a member of their family members.  In truth, I realized later on that, they have been just utilizing me and utilizing the program, to get a paycheck from the Student Exchange plan. You see, there is a Massive Distinction among getting a guest and getting a family members member!  

I think lots of churchgoers miss out on the relational intimacy, spiritual development, and enhanced joy that outcome from getting intimately connected to God’s family members – the church.  When a Christian is content material to be a guest at church, rather than a totally connected family members member, they are cheating themselves relationally, spiritually, and emotionally.  Furthermore, as a particular person who proclaims that Jesus is your Savior, Lord, and Treasure, it would make sense that you would enjoy and treasure the points that Jesus loves.  And, what is Jesus greatest earthly enjoy?  The church!  Jesus’ enjoy for the Church is so intimate that the Bible refers to it as His bride! (see Rev. 21:1-four, Eph. five:25-32).

I enjoy how Joshua Harris explains this in his insightful book, Quit Dating The Church: Fall in Really like with the Household of God.  Joshua writes, “You see, the strongest argument I know for why you and I must enjoy and care about the Church is that Jesus does.  The greatest motivation we could ever locate for getting passionately committed to the Church is that Jesus is passionately committed to the Church.  As Christians we’re known as to be imitators of God (Eph. five:1).  We’re to be conformed to the image of His Son (Rom. eight:29).  Can there be any query that to aspect of getting like Jesus is to enjoy what He loves?  Christians normally speak of wanting God’s heart for the poor or the lost.  And these are great desires.  But shouldn’t we also want God’s heart for the Church?  If Jesus loves the Church, you and I must also.  It’s that straightforward.” (pg. 31).

Jesus is not content material to be a guest in our lives or or in His church.  He is committed to His folks as a husband (family members member) who will never ever leave or forsake His bride.  Therefore, we also must be committed to a church family members as a covenantal member who is wholeheartedly invested with our time, talents, and treasures for God’s glory, our enhanced joy in Christ, and for other’s great!  When we commit to God’s family members and get genuinely connected, we advantage relationally, spiritually, and emotionally.  

We advantage relationally by receiving to have deeper, extra intimate relationships as we grow to be active participants in a discipleship/fellowship group like our Gospel Neighborhood Groups.  It’s in a modest group context like this that we share the highs and lows of our week, study the Bible collectively, take pleasure in meals collectively and pray collectively.  This is 1 of God’s greatest cars for Christians to develop in Christ-likeness.  It feels terrific to be connected with other Christians this intimately.  In truth, the Bible says that Christians are family members! Since God is our heavenly Father, that tends to make all Christians, brother and sisters in Christ!  Being a aspect of a loving family members that sticks with you by means of thick and thin is so a great deal far better than getting a guest.

Getting a member of a family members signifies you also serve every single other and contribute to the family members, due to the fact you enjoy 1 a further.  Serving the church family members with your time and expertise, is one thing our Heavenly Father calls us to do (Eph. four:12, Heb. 10:24-25).  A great father loves to see his kids loving every single other, encouraging every single other people, serving 1 a further, sacrificing and sharing with every single other.  As a family members does these points points their bond of enjoy, unity, and commitment deepens.  As a outcome, our joy and pleasure increases as properly.  Furthermore, when  unbelievers see the members of the church loving 1 a further like this, Jesus says it is proof that we are definitely aspect of God’s family members and He is our Father! (see Jn. 13:35)

One particular final comment about my time in Spain.  My time there would have been unbearable due to the fact of loneliness and distance from my blood family members.  However, in God’s grace, a couple of weeks following I arrived in Spain, I discovered a modest church of Bible believing Christians who sincerely loved Jesus.  That church became my family members in Spain, and created all the distinction!  I was not deemed a guest, I was committed there and they have been committed to me.  We have been family members!  In conclusion, I hope you far better have an understanding of some of the causes why it is so crucial to be a committed, active member of a church, and not just a guest who attends routinely.  If you are not a member at North, I hope you will think about coming to our Membership Class this Sunday to discover extra about what it signifies to be a aspect of our church family members!



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