Power Wings – Do YOU Have Etheric Angel Wings!?


Angel Power Wings? Yep!

Etheric Energy Wings... Do You Have "Angel Wings"?Etheric wings are actual! No a single tells you this… But it really is accurate. And like me, and so several other people on the path of awakening, you may possibly open to the awareness of possessing Etheric power wings as well!

Possibly this even occurred for you currently?

It honestly sounds a bit crazy… Humans with angel wings!?

The factor is…

Although no a single is truly speaking about this…

A lot more and much more individuals are opening to their etheric power wings now…

And so today… I’m going to share what I know about them with you.

Do You Have Angel Wings?

Etheric Wings Are Actual!

1st of all, etheric wings, angelic wings are actual. This phenomenon is the outcome of an power present opening up inside your becoming. Primarily, there are two streams of power that flow up, cross, cross once again, and then flow out via your shoulder blades on the back like wings… They are wings

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Wings that represent the potential to fly in the larger dimensions of spirit. They are an indication of a level of spiritual advancement, and the potential to anchor the larger divine light of the angelic and celestial realms into the physical.

Your etheric wings opening up is also an indication that you happen to be prepared to embody the subsequent level of your objective as an earth Angel, as a Starseed, as a lightworker… On the other hand, you see it is fine, as a divine becoming in physical type. Your wings are supportive of your mission to embody and anchor larger divine like.

Wings are also representative of the potential to carry out Divine Will, to get divine messages and to anchor larger levels of divine like and spiritual light into the physical.

Symptoms of “Growing Your Angel Wings”

As your angel wing power flow 1st starts opening up, there are a handful of symptoms that can in some cases be skilled. You may possibly really feel a bit of an ache, stress or tingling sensation in your upper back region.

If this occurs, assistance your self by opening your heart and just permitting the light to flow via you. Definitely, like any other power blockage or discomfort that comes up in your system… It really is not truly the larger light causing your pain… It really is not truly your wings causing discomfort, but rather, it really is a outcome of what ever you happen to be needing to let go of. What blockages is the light releasing? This is what’s causing any discomfort sensation. So release, and let go to let larger levels of light and divine like to flow via you and to let your angelic wings to completely manifest.

What Is the Objective Of Getting Power Wings?

In addition to becoming a metaphorical representation of your potential to fly in the larger dimensional realms, power wings do also have some more functions in navigating the celestial and angelic realms.

They also supply a sort of energetic protection for you inside the physical realm. Fairly actually, light wings have your back in this way. They are like an extension of your aura and can safeguard against detrimental energies and negativity that might be thrown your way, behind your back, or outdoors of your awareness.

Wings also filter out and absorb negativity you encounter so that you do not take it on at the level of your physical physique. They are a layer of protection in that way as effectively.

When your wings open up, if you ever really feel like they are heavy, or like they’re becoming weighed down… This is a sign that they have taken on or absorbed some harsh power in order to safeguard you.

An effortless way to cleanse your wings is to just flex them. Consciously flutter them, and let them to open up and shake off detrimental power they’ve taken on… Releasing it into the light.

Flex Your Angel Wings

An more byproduct of flexing your wings is that this movement can truly cleanse and uplift your aura and your power!

You can also cleanse your wings and your complete aura by just surrounding your self with golden divine light.

Verify out my short article on how to cleanse your aura for much more assistance on that.

So no… If you really feel like you have angel wings, you are not crazy!

Etheric wings are a special flow of power via your becoming that when open, flows out via your shoulder blades like wings and certainly represents additional progression on your soul journey in stepping into your highest light and accurate divine nature as a divine angelic becoming in physical type.

Stepping into complete realization and awareness as an awakened human becoming, a spirit of like and freedom right here to master the physical and spiritual planes to build in alignment with divine like in a way you like and appreciate, that also blesses uplifts and added benefits all.

What If Your Wings Haven’t Opened Up But?

If you do not really feel like you have opened to your etheric wings but, do not be concerned about it. This is anything that occurs on divine time in a way that is absolutely wonderful and standard.

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Getting conscious of your wings is in no way a requirement to carrying out your operate in the world…

Once again, it really is just anything I’ve noticed that much more and much more individuals are experiencing and asking me about, and so I wanted to share what I know with you about etheric wings.

As a final side note, you might have much more than a single set of wings!

If we appear at the Seraphim angels, the highest of the angelic rank, they have six wings. This represents access to other dimensions. And it represents a larger evolution.

Awareness Is Essential!

So the important truly is to spend interest. Be conscious.

Observe your power physique and your energetic field to notice if you have wings, exactly where they are, how that power is flowing and how it feels.

A single of the most supportive habits you can cultivate on your spiritual journey is to observe and let.

So if you happen to be wanting your angelic wings to come in, but you do not really feel you have them but. It really is not about fantasizing that you have wings or imagining it.

Just continue to operate on opening your heart, tuning into light, accessing the central column of light along your core… And as a byproduct of that your wings will naturally open and spread as you are in a position to much more effortlessly travel, fly and journey and discover the larger dimensions.

Angels of course, do not need to have wings to fly. The wings are representative of that potential to be a messenger, an agent of divine like.

I hope this was valuable for you.

Are you conscious of your angel wings?

With like and vibrant blessings,

Melanie Beckler


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