What is an Empath Specifically?


As a person who began identifying with the word empath some years ago, I have believed lately of how it is merely a catch-all term for various sorts of sensitivities. All people today who use the word empath for themselves do not have their empathic antennas out in precisely the identical way. They are not precisely like every single other, even though they are related. In a way, it is 1 of these pre-cursor words, a word that speaks of some thing prevalent but that encompasses a lot of various issues.

The Empath Knowledge

As an empath, I really feel other people’s feelings in my physique. In spiritual circles, this is typically referred to as clairsentience, a clear sensing in the physique. I have typically felt issues about people today, on 1st meeting, that have afterward proved to be appropriate. But this also implies that I notice and really feel far more than other people, which typically tends to make me really feel alone and lonely. It is really hard to give logical arguments about why I really feel the way I do or to attempt and prove that what I really feel is valid.

When I was younger and didn’t know that I was an HSP and an empath, there have been occasions and conditions exactly where I was so overwhelmed with other people’s power and felt so exhausted that afterward,  all I wanted to do was sleep for a extended time. This felt unreasonable, some thing for which I had no explanation. Then, a couple of years ago, I went to an power healing session with a person who told me a number of on-point issues about me. She also had an fascinating suggestion. You must let oneself sleep far more, she stated. Eight or nine hours was a affordable quantity of time for a person like me.

The Empath Have to have For Grounding

I currently had quite frequent sleeping hours, but this was a tiny far more permission, a tiny far more understanding that needing far more sleep was connected to my desires, and not to some character flaw like laziness or lack of ambition. It reminded me of some thing else I had study in an write-up by Dr. Judith Orloff. She had talked about how in the olden days, faith healers have been renowned for becoming grossly obese. Mainly because meals is a grounding device, this was a trap they fell into to cope with the stresses of their lives. Dr. Orloff saw this dynamic taking place with lots of modern day healing practitioners. She believed that power was at the root of empath hunger, the struggle with the tension they skilled even though interacting with people today and unconsciously taking on their power. As a person who has had weight difficulties on and off in my life, this had felt like a tiny piece supplying self-compassion. Of course, not every thing about my weight concerns was connected to this, but this was 1 of the underlying things, this unconscious grounding of myself by means of meals.

All these bits and pieces have helped me fully grasp my personal empathic tendencies. They have also helped me notice the various strategies in which other people today are empathic, strategies that are various from mine. For instance, I know a person who at times sees colors when she encounters people today. Some people today speak about becoming in a position to really feel into the nature of numbers in mathematics.

Distinct Power Experiences

When I speak to Lauren Sapala, a fellow HSP and San Francisco-primarily based writer and writing coach about a post on synesthesia that I have study on her weblog, she shares some fascinating information. For her, every single letter of the alphabet has a gender, and that gender in no way adjustments. “A is male, B is female, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J are male, K and L are female, M and N are male, O, P, Q are female, R, S, T are male, U, V, W are female, X is male, Y and Z are female. You could ask me this in 20 years and it is the identical issue. They in no way adjust and they in no way have changed and I do not even have to feel about if they are male or female, it is so clear to me.”

It is the identical issue with numbers for her. “1 and two are male, three and four are female, five and six are male, 7 is female, eight is male, 9 is female, and 10 is male.”

She goes on to say: “I have no concept how I came to these conclusions. It does not really feel like some thing I produced up. It feels like some thing I’m searching at that is clear.”

“I also “see” specific words as searching like specific issues. So, the word “marketing” for instance appears like an insect to me, like a spiky insect, a Praying Mantis or some thing. The name “Debbie” is like a block of gelatin, it is compact but it wobbles a bit. This does not take place with all words, just specific words, and at times this does adjust more than time.

I also really feel like specific words have a sort of electrical “charge” to them when people today say them out loud. I can most typically intuit what is emotionally going on with a person by the way they say specific words. Like, a person may say use the word “sloppy” and I can study the charge in the word and really feel that “sloppy” implies some thing quite negative to them, and that they have infused that word with worry, and that a person else in their life (possibly a parent or a person) employed that word with the identical sort of charge about them and so the particular person picked it up and is making use of it in the identical way. But then a person else makes use of the word “sloppy” and it is completely neutral. It does not have the identical charge due to the fact they haven’t infused it with any sort of distinct emotional power so it remains neutral.”

Lauren tells me that she has attempted to describe this knowledge to several people today her complete life and lots of people today have produced entertaining of her or told her that she was producing it all up, that this was a fantasy in her head, but it does not really feel like that. It feels quite true.

I inform her that even though I do not myself see the gender of letters and numbers, I know that she is seeing some thing valid. I absolutely fully grasp when she talks about words getting ‘electrical charges.” It is some thing that I usually knowledge. I know when words are becoming thrown like arrows or wrapped about like shields. What words imply to other people today, how charged they are for them has usually been quite apparent and clear to me, just like feeling into letters and numbers is so clear for Lauren.

Power And Empaths

I feel we are each finely tuned to various elements of reality. Mainly because not every person is tuned these elements, due to the fact they do not see them, people today just discount them. Mainly because we have no way of proving it, as empaths, we are at 1st not confident ourselves. For me, it is only with time that I have discovered that I typically choose up on and sense issues quite early on in interactions with people today. This feeling can be a excellent ally, but only if I let it nudge me, only if I do not discount it myself or speak myself out of it, internalizing the voices from outdoors.

If you are a person who is sensing or feeling an aspect of reality that not every person “gets,” know that you are not alone. There are other people today out there, who may not be precisely like you, or notice precisely what you notice, but who see other pieces, who have felt like outsiders due to the fact of that and who are also who they are due to the fact of just that. 


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