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“…the thoughts is extra vital than the physique in this respect: the physique becoming only a automobile for thoughts power, becoming formed, in the 1st location, by thoughts power and becoming a way that thoughts power can wrap matter about itself in order to obtain what? Expertise!

“You are now a sort of mechanical robot, governed by the distinctive elements of thoughts, governed by the super thoughts, governed by the Soul thoughts and governed by the Spirit, which is above thoughts, on a mechanical sort of existence – this Earth – and you are gaining expertise.

“If you regard oneself in this light then you can greater comprehend karma.

“If any of you at any time can step away from the physique and appear at it, and take a extended appear at it, then you see that this is a pretty finely produced, a pretty finely tuned electrically driven robot. It is a superior one particular. It is one particular that you can use. It is not a metallic robot. It is a living robot. It is capable of regenerating itself, which it does. You all know this if you reduce your hand, it heals. And, it is capable of regeneration. But it is only a robot, and it is governed, and it tends to make a particular journey via expertise, so the thoughts power can understand.

“If you have been all sophisticated sufficient you wouldn’t need to have the physical kind, you could understand as pure thoughts power. You wouldn’t be capable to do the tasks that you do now. You wouldn’t need to have to do the tasks that you do now. You would be above these tasks. But you are not of this evolutionary common, so thus you do need to have this mechanical structure, and it is creating its journey via karma.”

– Master of Yoga Dr George King


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