Is There Such a Point as Karmic Debt?


“I’ve had a definitely horrible life, Erin. My husband left me for a younger lady, one particular of my little ones is heavily into drugs, and I have some definitely terrible well being difficulties I just cannot appear to get previous. Is all of this taking place mainly because I was terrible in a previous life and now I’m becoming punished? Am I paying off karmic debt? Will this adhere to me into my subsequent life?” – Andrea

People today normally create to me with equivalent inquiries. Their life is not going effectively and they consider it is mainly because they are becoming punished.

I do not think in karma or karmic debt. I do not think everyone is becoming punished for actions in earlier lives.

Just about every single point that takes place to you in this life happens mainly because of your totally free will alternatives and their organic consequences, or the totally free will alternatives of other people.

For instance, if you abuse your physique and place toxic substances into it, you may possibly create well being difficulties.

If you marry a man with an anger management challenge, he may possibly hit you.

If you like to speed on the freeway, you may possibly get into an accident or get a speeding ticket.

If somebody is driving drunk, they may possibly slam into you. Not mainly because you deserved it, but mainly because you had been driving nearby when the drunk crashed his automobile.

Perhaps you are attempting to win a spelling bee and you are an ace speller, but somebody else wins mainly because they occurred to be in a position to spell chrysanthemum and you lost track of exactly where the “y” goes.

The terrible factors that occur to you in this life are a direct outcome of the totally free will choices you make. Nothing at all additional, absolutely nothing much less.

This also applies to all of the fantastic factors that occur to you in this life. They are the outcome of totally free will alternatives and consequences.

Perhaps you studied like crazy and worked your tail off to get into an ivy league college, and you got accepted to the university of your dreams.

Perhaps you perform out just about every day and fill your physique with vegetables and you are the image of well being.

Perhaps you got the Volunteer of the Year Award mainly because you devoted 1000 hours a year to assisting the homeless.

The life you have is the life you have designed.

There is no becoming on the other side maintaining track of your deeds and doling out punishments or rewards. You are performing that with your actions.

You are not becoming punished for a thing you did in a earlier life. There is no slate that has to be wiped clean. There is no debt which should be paid. On Earth, it is all decision and consequence.

But what about murderers, you ask? Do not they get punished for what they’ve completed? If they murder somebody in a previous life do not they have to be murdered in a future life?

No. Let’s consider that conversation.

God: “Hey, Paulo, that guy more than there murdered somebody in a previous life. To make him spend, I’m going to need to have you to place a bullet in his head. Can you do that for me?”

Paulo: “Uh, gee, God, I’d rather not murder somebody. Will not I incur karmic debt myself if I kill that guy?”

God: “Yes, I’m afraid so, but justice should be served, so I need to have you to be a sport and just manage small business. In your subsequent life I’ll locate somebody to murder you so you can clear your karmic debt. How does that sound?”

Paulo: “Not all that good, to be sincere.”

Can you consider if that was the technique? It would be never ever-ending.

Get started seeking at the benefits you are acquiring as the organic outcome of actions you have taken, and recognize how empowering it is to know that you can adjust your outcomes by generating distinct choices and taking distinct actions.

You are not becoming punished. You have no karmic debt. Just about every moment of your life you are weaving a tapestry working with threads you have selected. Decide on wisely and make your life specifically what you want it to be.


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