BYU Students Claim Punishment for Reporting Sexual Assault


Brigham Young University sign on campus
Brigham Young University is in the news soon after students not too long ago protested challenges with the university’s Honor Code, which dictates suitable student behavior.

Chanting God forgives me, why can not you? some 300 Mormon students gathered on campus to query the exact same strict Honor Code they allege has permitted Brigham Young University to mistreat female victims of assault and LGBTQ students.

“We think in the Gospel and we consider the Honor Code Workplace has forgotten that. And it is our job to remind them,” declared BYU 2018 graduate Sidney Draughon to the crowd. Her Instagram account initially shed light on how she was initially named into the Workplace more than an old photo and tweet at the finish of her freshman year, and once more more than yet another allegation through her senior year, which eventually delayed her diploma.

Honor Code Problems

The BYU Honor Code needs a clean mouth, modest clothes, and standard church attendance.

The Jesus-Christ-of-Latter-day Saints-sponsored University is identified for its strict adherence to church teachings. The BYU Honor Code prohibits every thing from premarital sex to wearing a beard to drinking coffee and tea. Students are needed to adhere to the Honor Code at all occasions, no matter if on or off campus.  

Student protest at the college is all but unheard of.

However now, some students allege they’ve truly received Honor Code violations for reporting their personal sexual assaults. Brigham Young University attendance is predicated on an ecclesiastical endorsement from a bishop (which can be revoked at any time). Soon after Brigham Young University separated the Honor Code workplace and the Title IX workplace in 2016, they presented an amnesty policy: If a student reports her personal sexual assault, she will not be investigated for Honor Code violations, like alcohol consumption. But if her bishop finds out she did violate the Honor Code, they can revoke their endorsement, regardless of the assault. The student can appeal the choice, but it is most likely the college will stand firm with the bishop’s choice.

Other folks claim the university’s Honor Code workplace is creepily curious about their sex lives. A single anonymous student detailed how the workplace named him in for getting sexual relations with his girlfriend of two years, and asked intrusive and inappropriate queries.

And LGBTQ students really feel left out in the rain by the Honor Code as properly. The college has routinely refused to let the student-designed ‘Understanding Similar Gender Attraction’ group meet on campus, and some students think that even attending the group’s meetings could possibly place their enrollment in jeopardy. Former student JD Goates minced no words more than the school’s refusal to acknowledge the USGA group: “There are individuals wanting to kill themselves.”

Campus Response

The director of the Honor Code workplace, meanwhile, points out only a dozen or so of the school’s 33,000 students are expelled every year for violations, and that his workplace has met with more than 200 concerned students. Irrespective of whether they revise their policies is however to be noticed.

And when the university considers how to proceed, not all students on campus sympathetic to the lead to of protestors.

A single 22-year-old student named Dayson Damuni truly broke the moment of silence devoted to LGBTQ students mistreated by the Honor Code workplace by shouting “If you do not like the Honor Code, go to a various college!” A further student, 25-year-old Mack Huntsman, agreed: “The majority of students are in favor of the Honor Code. I imply, they chose to come to this university … and then [to] say that they’re oppressing you does not make a lot of sense.”

This sort of clash in between regular church teachings and a new wave of progressive Millennials will most likely continue to play out amongst numerous of our nation’s Christian denominations.

What do you consider? Is the Honor Code workplace out of line for punishing individuals for reporting their personal sexual assaults, asking creepy queries and hurting LGBTQ students? Or did students know what they had been signing up for when they enrolled?


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