Be 1. Make 1. // Aspect 1


This week we started our new series titled, Be 1.
Make 1
. All through our series, we will be speaking not only about what it
implies to be a disciple, but also what it implies to make disciples. 

 To kick issues off,
young adult pastor Chase Moore sat down with senior pastor Jimmy Seibert to
speak about what it appears like to be a disciple of Jesus.

Discipleship is one particular particular person assisting other folks turn out to be lifelong,
obedient followers of Jesus who, in turn, assistance other folks do the very same.


The purpose of a disciple is not to do the appropriate point. The
purpose is to be with Jesus. If we re-align our purpose and set our hearts on figuring out
Jesus, He will reveal Himself to us. In the end, discipleship leads us into
higher partnership with Jesus.


As disciples, we are also named to abide. To abide implies to
stay. We are named to stay in Jesus which means we are bringing Him into every single
aspect of our day. From the seemingly tiny issues, like which road to take on
the way to lunch, to life’s huge choices, invite Jesus in. He cares about us,
and He desires to lead us into the goodness He has for us.


Discipleship begins with surrender. In the Bible, we see
Jesus get in touch with His disciples to leave all the things to adhere to Him. Similarly, we are
named to surrender our vocation, finances, relationships and reputation. The
thought of surrender can look intimidating, but we will often discover Jesus to be
faithful and to lead us.

When we lay our vocation aside and let Jesus to be
central, He will really empower us for our
vocation. If we idolize our relationships, we’ll miss Jesus. We need to have to place
Jesus initial in order to like folks nicely. When we surrender our reputation, we
discover our identity, and we step into all Jesus has for us.


  • Surrender // Ask God if there is an region of your life you are needing to surrender. If we are prepared to lay all the things down at the feet of Jesus, we will certainly discover Him to be adequate.
  • Threat // Ask God what He is calling you into in this season. What ever it is, say “yes.” Our subsequent ‘yes’ unlocks doors in the Kingdom.


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