Alandi: Sant Dnyaneshwar’s therapeutic abode along the banks of the Indrayani


Aalandi is a tiny village but that does not cease it from getting well known. Its connection with Sant Dnyaneshwar is the big purpose why it is thronged all through the year by devotees, numerous of them belonging to the Varkari sect. It is about 20-30 minutes away from the Pune city.

Dnyaneshwar was a 13th century saint, poet, philosopher and guru from Maharashtra. He is identified the most for authoring a commentary on the Bhagavad Gita from Sanskrit to Marathi and titled it Dnyaneshwari. His translated operate of the ancient text helped a lot of people today who didn’t know Sanskrit from the state to obtain its information.

Dnyaneshwar’s a further popular operate is Amurtanubhav, which he wrote on the tips of his guru Nivruttinath. (Study far more about Sant Dnyaneshwar by clicking Right here.)

Dnyaneshwar-temple Alandi
Dnyaneshwar temple

Alandi is the location exactly where Dnyaneshwar attained Samadhi (Nirvana) at Siddheshwar temple. A temple complicated was constructed more than there later which is thronged by pilgrims ever given that, specially on Ekadashi.

The temple gives a lot of serenity. As quickly as I entered, I was welcomed with optimistic vibes. It is also a treat to see the passion of the devotees. It is their simplicity that impresses you, specially their clothes. The compound of the temple is also employed to just sit and take in the expertise. You may possibly obtain people today reading devotional texts more than there.

Dnyaneshwar temple-Alandi

Alandi is also identified for its renowned temple of a further saint Jalaram Bapa. This is his second most prominent location of worship following his birth location in Virpur in Gujarat.

Alandi is like any other tiny village of Maharashtra. There has been a lot of building more than right here in the final decade or far more. This wasn’t the case when I employed to check out it for the duration of my childhood in the 1990s. Nonetheless, it nevertheless offers relaxation.

River Indrayani

River Indrayani is the big purpose for this. It is a peaceful river surrounded by nicely constructed measures. The scene is somewhat comparable to Varanasi. There are a quantity of shops promoting devotional products, literature and meals. If you are in Alandi, it is a have to to savour its spicy Misal with Pav.

By: Keyur Seta


Inside the Dnyaneshwar temple

Sant-Dnyaneshwar temple





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