William LePar – The Council: Particular Souls Who Aid Us


In this study trance one particular of the attendees is questioning
William LePar’s spiritual supply, The Council, about the possibility of an
sophisticated soul getting into the material globe to assist an additional soul move forward.
There is the possibility that the a lot more sophisticated soul could drop his spot in
the spiritual realms due to his reentry into our globe. That is what is getting
questioned under.

Questioner:  It is a
sobering believed to assume that an individual would sacrifice all for my advantage possibly.
The Council:  Why
would it be such a sobering believed? It need to be a joyful believed. You need to
rejoice recognizing that there is that significantly accurate like surrounding you. That need to
act as a stimulus to even operate tougher. Discover to appreciate the beauty that
exists all about about you. Pray that you see the beauty that exists round and
about all of you simply because in your capacity to see that you will see mysteries
that you by no means dreamt achievable, miracles you by no means dreamt achievable.
A day in your lives does not go by devoid of at least one particular
miracle. Adore abounds in the spiritual realms, and it is just that your earthly
creation does not look to want to absorb significantly of it. It is as well entrenched in
itself and the pleasures of the physical, the sensory stimuli of the physical.
It blinds itself to the true pleasures of the spirit, the true joys of the
spirit. The consciousness appears at the ground alternatively of up into the sky exactly where
all the joy is, exactly where all the beauty is.
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