Why Opt for the Road Significantly less Traveled?


Driving along not too long ago, I was taken by the shimmering leaves of
fall.  Alternatively of turning on the usual
road to my location, I chose to continue ahead.  What a wondrous show of gold, cranberry,
and sienna as I drove via a wooded location. 
As is generally my encounter, when I choose to veer from the familiar or
prescribed course, wonder awaits.
I recall Richard Burton’s character in The Evening of the Iguana,
commenting on the reality that we reside in two worlds: the realistic and the
wonderful.  That has stuck with me for a
pretty lengthy time.  At 33 I heard Jim
Weatherly’s song, The Will need to Be, and knew it was my calling and changed my
life path. More than my lifetime considering the fact that, I’ve generally chosen the wonderful.  Although there could have been genuine costs to spend
for such selections, and there have been I would not have selected to miss this distinctive
In Toltec shamanism we speak to the Nagual and the Tonal worlds.  The Tonal is the familiar, realistic as it
have been, with its metronome of time beating out what and exactly where and with whom, we
may reside a extra ordinary life.  It is
the 9 to five, 7 days a week, 365 days in a year living that can be pretty
comfy for quite a few.
The Nagual planet leads to the path of magic and the extraordinary.  That is my preferred path as it holds the keys
to what I like to contact the phantasmagorical. It has normally directed me to
highest excellent even when it challenged all my assumptions and the ‘shoulds’ I was
raised with. 
This path of now 44 years has provided me awesome experiences.  I’ve been at 14,000 ft in Peru participating
in a Quechua Despacho performed ceremonies in the Far East addressed an
assembly of 22,000 men and women authored books initiated apprentices with fire promoted
earth-primarily based teaching nationally and internationally communicated with spirits
in ruins across the Southeast and Southwest developed and hosted a radio show
began a women’s center at a university birthed a sex information and facts hotline in
the PNW co-hosted and developed a women’s speak show pilot prior to The View
co-conceived of an international women’s organization eased men and women via the
tunnel at death stepped via portals of time and space close to Bolivia been
hosted by political dissidents in Tito-ruled Yugoslavia and Basque ‘terrorists’
in Spain climbed to the top rated of a mountain crawling via cactus to the top rated lived
in awesome areas and met wonderfully amazing men and women along the way.
Not an uncomplicated path, I would say for some. 
One particular requires to be prepared to let go of the protected shore and let the speedy
present move you along a often raging river. Some men and women in your lives will
move away or judge your selections. You could encounter a lot of naysayers when you
decide on the wonderful.  Your household could be
significantly less than enthralled with your selections. There are instances of becoming alone for
extended periods.  Longevity of
relationships will most most likely elude you. But, what you sacrifice in the
ordinary will be considerably outweighed by the phenomenal.
What ever is your path of option, I would encourage to break up your
routines from time to time and turn down a street you are not familiar
with.  Get a small lost on
occasion.  Preserve driving previous your
designated turn or exit.  Get off the
highway.  Disconnect from the
electronics.  Invite a small wonder in
your encounter and obtain the wealthy rewards of moving, just a tad, outdoors
your comfort zone.
I think that we have inside us a dormant dancer awaiting the contact to
magnificence and fluidity.  Our spirits
are bigger than the enclosures we could locate ourselves trapped in. If we’ve but
one particular life to reside, wouldn’t you want to taste the wonderful even for quick
Possibly you locate the routine and ordered life extra to your liking.  I completely have an understanding of it has its personal rewards
of normalcy and constancy.  But, I
encourage you to each and every now and once more, lift that veil of illusion and enable
your self a glimpse of magic.  It will add
a dimension of wonder to your lives considerably like the glorious fall colors at this
time of year do.  And, probably, it will
give you a window into the accurate Light at the finish of our life tunnels.  That light is brilliant, commanding and
comforting.  There is absolutely nothing to worry at
the finish of life when you have lived your days to the fullest.  I have, and I would want for you a taste of
it even in modest morsels. 
Start out tomorrow.  Take that side
street, quit at a small town off the highway with the mystery spot, rejoice at
detours, stroll in an ancient forest, sit on a beach from sunrise to sunset, locate
a spot to see the milky way. Do that factor you have been normally going to do and
haven’t but.  At the finish of your life,
should really you decide on this path, you will know you are not disappointed to locate you lived it for a person else. You have been
accurate to your self and your goal.  So invite
magic and it will come!
“We’ve just to listen and know
when and exactly where we are destined to step onto the dance floor of our life goal
and trust the movement.”
  We Dance to
a Whispered Voice


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